Visiting the Southern Ideal Home Show

I was provided complimentary tickets to the Southern Ideal Home Show in exchange for this post.

This past Saturday, Raul, Gracie and I packed up the car and headed to the North Carolina State Fairgrounds in Raleigh for the Southern Ideal Home Show. (Side note: It seems odd to say just three of our names in this sentence, but I have to get used to it. Mikaela will be transferring to a 4-year university in the fall. Maddie will be who knows where at that time, hopefully still in Greensboro. )

I love anything that has to do with home decorating whether it is a remodel to outdoor spaces, you can count me in. Raul, to some extent, is just like me. On the drive home, he said he had so many ideas to put in place when we win the lottery.


When we walked into the exhibit hall, we were greeted by a very festive fall display from Carolina Pottery in Smithfield. This is only 30 minutes from our house. I love the fall colors.


We walked around for a while oohing and aahing over the talents of the local artists there. I will admit that one of my favorite booths had these beautiful flowers made from bundt cake pans. I mean seriously how cool is that? I so see one of those in my yard soon.


Of course, there were other booths as well. I think Raul liked the Duplin Winery booth the best. I got to taste a yummy electric lemonade. While Raul got to taste their new holiday wine Frosty Frolic.

Gracie decided to get in on the fun once we walked into the main exhibit hall, a tiny home lover’s dream. But before I get the tiny homes let’s talk about the patio furniture and designs that were on display.

outdoor bar southern ideal home show

This outdoor bar was beautiful. I can just imagine the parties I would throw if I had this in my backyard.

Gracie Southern Ideal Home Show

Gracie really enjoyed sitting by the fire in this display.

fire pit Southern Ideal Home Show

Both Gracie and Raul enjoyed this fire pit.

outdoor display southern ideal home show

They even had a couple of displays set up outside.


And of course, no outdoor living showplace would be complete without a hot tub. Gracie fell in love with these. Of course, her favorite was the most expensive at almost $18,000. YIKES!!


But just in case you can’t afford a hot tub there were some impressive water features as well. Gracie liked the one that lit up, but I told her the one that had the bowls would be more for us. Easier for the cats to drink from, yep always thinking about my fur babies.


They even had a few cars on display there. I have always wanted a Mercedes. This SUV was calling my name.


Now onto the tiny homes. Gracie totally fell in love with the playhouse. I fell in love with the first playhouse we saw.


I so could see one of these sitting in our backyard and using it as a tiny home office.


But I could also see myself in this sunroom as well. Gracie thought all the stuff as she put it was neat.

There were so many creative ideas on display it was hard to choose to just one, so I have two favorite ones. One is this picket fence with some cute puppies painted on it, and the other was. Well, let me show the picket fence first.

doggie picket fence Southern Ideal Home show

And the last one was the star I saw walking the red carpet.

Red Carpet at the Southern Ideal Home Show

Yep, my baby, is a star. It was a great day for just the three of us. We all enjoyed ourselves.

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  1. Great recap! I was vending at the Southern Ideal Home Show and didn’t have an opportunity to walk around and see the other vendors. This post is a wonderful recap of the show and allowed me to take a look at what I missed.

  2. I feel like I hear about this show advertised on the radio every year, but I never really knew what all it included. Were there actual tiny houses on display there, or just playhouses and souped-up add-on buildings? (If there were legit tiny houses there then oh-my-goodness I so have to go next year!! I want a tiny house so badly!)

  3. The Southern Ideal Home Show looks like a great place to visit and get all sorts of ideas and inspiration. I’m loving the outdoor patio display. #HomeMattersParty

  4. The first home show my husband and I went to, oh- was it dangerous. Basically I wanted to buy everything, ever since then I’ve been scared to go back 😉 #homemattersparty

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