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Keeping various animals or birds as pets is a hobby for millions of men and women worldwide. However, for women and men afflicted with emotional issues or specific mental disorders, the company of an animal can be relieving. They find easier to cope with symptoms and complications of such disorders when a specific animal, bird or reptile is with them. These are commonly referred as ESAs. While ESAs do not have the capability to heal those conditions in their owners, the latter feel better when those animals are around.

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Importance of Getting ESA Certification

If you are afflicted with a mental condition, it does not mean you cannot be a part of mainstream society! However, without a valid ESA certification or letter, owners of these creatures may face several hardships. For example, they may be refused accommodation in rented apartments for having an animal with them. While the landlords may refuse people with regular pets, they cannot do the same with a prospective tenant with a certified ESA. The certification of emotional support animal also enables you to take the pet along with you in flights.

Conditions for eligibility for ESA certification

People afflicted with some mental and emotional disorders and conditions can opt for ESA certification when they have such creatures with them. These conditions and disorders comprise of:

  • ADHD
  • PTSD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Cognitive disorders
  • Learning disorders
  • Motor skill disorders

Ways to get ESA Letter

You may initially think of getting an ESA certification from the primary care provider. However, this may not be as simple as you might have thought. Quite a lot of doctors treating people with mental conditions do not think of emotional support dogs or animals as viable. So, it is better that you seek services of ESA certification referral provider agencies.

There are professional online ESA referral service entities you can get in touch with. They have a tie-up with noted psychologists and psychiatrists who can perform online tests and issue such certifications. The online exam does not take more than half an hour. You need to choose a package and within a couple of days, you are notified of the evaluation. If the doctor deems you unsuitable for getting an ESA letter, you get a refund.

The limitations you should be aware of

While getting an ESA certification lets you avail certain facilities for accommodation and traveling, it comes with some limitations. If the ESA is damaging to the property where you live, the landlord has the right to claim repair cost. If the ESA creates too much trouble, the landlord deserves the right to evict the owner.

Assessing the ESA certification referral agency

Before you seek services of an online referral agency that enables you to get emotional support animal letter, check for a few things. Learn about the reputation of the entity and go through the reviews and feedbacks of its ex-clients. You should also check a few social media sites and ask the agency questions lurking in mind before you finalize it.

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