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nautical-rope-necklaceHave you ever found yourself looking through magazines or catalogs and find something that appeals to your fashion sense? You put it in your mind that you have to have it. But there is a problem your mind says yes but your checkbook or wallet screams NO!!!!! Has this happened to you? It has happened to me on more than one occasion. So do I sit and pout waiting for that much wanted but not needed to appear in front of me like magic no!!!! I research online to see if there are ways to make that fashion must have. There are plenty of DIY sites on the internet that can help you find the ways and means to make that precious fashion item.

The first step toward your goal is to basically do a search for instructions on how to make the item that you are longing for. For instance if I wanted to make a rope necklace, I would simply type in my search engine, instructions for making a rope necklace. Here’s a tip do not always go with the first site that pops up on the list, check out several sites because there may be one that is easy to read and the directions are much more clearer than the others.

You can have that item that your heart and mind desire but you can do it frugally. Think of how much pride you will get from saying I made it myself.

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  1. Oh I love to do crafts, not sure about the DIY crafts but sure wouldnt mind learning!

  2. Great tutorials! I love making homemade jewelry, not only do I get to save$ (instead of purchasing expensive jewelry from the store) but I love wearing items that have a personal touch, just make them all the more meaningful 🙂

  3. I love making things too. I end up giving a lot of things away because making something is most of the fun for me!

  4. These videos are very cool, and it was great to share them with my cousin’s little girl! She loves crafts and loves girlie stuff!

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