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With the warm weather coming and summer looming in the background, I got me thinking about how we can make our family day trips more enjoyable. So here are some of the things I am going to use to make the preparation and trips go smoothly.

  1. I start a do not forget list. This can be anything from toothpaste, underwear, pillows or even a favorite stuffed friend. I remember one year when I was little I left my favorite doll at my grandmother’s in Massachusetts. Needless to say she was fed exed the next day to our house in North Carolina. I also include medications on this list as well.
  2. I keep wipes everywhere. I don’t travel without Boogie Wipes. They aren’t just for boogies. There are great for spills, drips, messy hands and faces.
  3. I always keep Ziploc bags and plastic bags stashed in my car or luggage. They can protect your cell phone or camera from the rain, keep your shampoo and lotions from leaking and can be used in a pinch for a trash bag. Or if anyone gets sick, a barf bag.

So that is my three tips in prepping for trips, what are your tips?

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