The Best At-Home Fixes to Conserving Energy

The Best At-Home Fixes to Conserving Energy

Honey, I want to be eco-friendly. I want you to go eco-friendly with me. If y’all have noticed increased energy bills recently, it’s likely because you’re using too much power in the house, causing outages daily. I had this problem myself, and I have found that making minor changes in our home has significantly lowered our energy bills. I want to share with y’all the best at-home fixes to conserving energy that I’ve found helpful.

Don’t Use Large Appliances During the Day

Y’all know I love my kitchen; it’s my sanctuary, the place I turn to when I feel down or want to master something my kids showed me on social media. It’s the place that never fails to put me at peace. If these walls, countertops, and island could talk, there’d be many fun memories and stories to share.

But the thing is, I had to limit my time here during the day. The reason used large appliances too often. I had no idea using these appliances too much would be a huge problem.

I decided to put this to the test and run it only at night. Here’s what happened: I took note of how many appliances I ran during the day—it was the stove, sink, disherwasher, and washing machine. Combined, this could be wasting more energy. So, to remedy the situation, I only ran one appliance at night. I began with the dishwasher, and that changed things for me. I noticed that a small shift in my schedule for the evenings made the biggest difference.

Install Solar Panels Onto Your Pergola

The outside of my home is also an oasis. It’s filled with viny roses popping through the garden, along with bright tomatoes dotting the rows of sidewalk leading to the side of the house. As much as I loved my outdoor area, I couldn’t stand not finding ways to be eco-friendly outdoors.

While scoping my home’s perimeter, a few things stuck out: my pergola, garage roof, and greenhouse. Each of these things could make my yard eco-friendly. The roof could have solar power shingles, solely growing fruits and vegetables in my greenhouse. And the pergola could also have solar power—but how?

You see, asking how my pergola could have solar power got me to research. It turns out that installing solar panels on the pergola increased my home value. I have never had such a cooler area to sit in and relax with my friends and family.

Use Automatic Shut Off Power Strips

One day, I saw my electric bill was higher than usual. After multiple calls to determine if there were errors, my electric company verified the bill was higher than normal. Bonkers! I knew I needed to do something, so I bought automatic-shut-off power strips.

Thank goodness these exist because my bills are back to where they need to be: low. The power strips have a timer to automatically shut off in the evening to avoid higher bills. These have been my best at-home fixes for conserving energy I want to share today. Let’s get to saving energy, y’all!

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