Choosing The Eye Care Solution That Works For You

If you or your children require vision correction, rest assured that there are many different eye care solutions that could suit, depending on lifestyle and needs. I know I have researched them and am considering some of my own.

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Glasses are usually the first port of call. Available for virtually any prescription, they are easy to use – even for small children – and come in a variety of styles to suit many different budgets and tastes.

Indeed, glasses need not bring back memories of being called “four eyes” at school – these days, glasses can be cute, sleek, and stylish. Frame shapes can be chosen to suit your face and should contrast for best results; for example, angular frames for rounded cheeks, or ovals for square-shaped faces. They should also be in proportion to your size and not overpower your features.

More practically, glasses can also provide relief for those who find contact lenses difficult to wear, or who suffer from eye fatigue or dryness.

However, they may not be the best option for many people as they can be cumbersome and breakable. They can also show a reduced field of vision, especially at the sides around the frames, and may not fit under goggles or sunglasses.


Contact lenses can address many of these problems as they are more likely to stay in place during sports or other activities, and there are monthly or daily types depending on requirements or budget. Lenses are also virtually invisible when worn correctly, so will suit people’s faces easily, and won’t clash with outfits or clothes styles. They do need careful and regular cleaning though, and wearers run the risk of infection due to constant contact with the eyes. Lenses can also inhibit oxygen from getting to the eyeball, often causing dry eyes, fatigue, or other issues.

If none of the above seem like viable solutions for you or your family’s eyes, laser surgery may be an alternative. One of the options on offer includes LASIK surgery, which is a virtually pain-free procedure that can completely correct vision problems. Using a laser in a clinic such as Omaha Eye, a Lasik practice in Omaha, LASIK (laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis) cuts a flap from the cornea, reshapes the problematic eye tissue, and folds the corneal flap back into place, leaving minimal damage or pain, and ensuring near 20/20 vision for the vast majority of patients.

LASIK should be done by an experienced, professional eye doctor, and must only be done following personal consultation to check it will work for you, and to discuss your budget and health requirements.

Patients whose eye prescription has changed in the past two years may need to wait until their eyes have stabilized before undergoing the procedure, and patients with conditions such as glaucoma may not be able to benefit – but most others certainly will.

Overall, there are many different options for those needing help with their vision. From glasses – and their many styles, shapes, and colors – to less obtrusive lenses, and the permanent solution of LASIK surgery, you are sure to find an option that will fit into your life, look, and health needs.

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  1. I have never tried anything else other than glasses. I’m hesitant to try contact lenses since my friends often complain about it. Lasik is something I’ve considered too, I’m looking into it, so I know what my options are.

  2. My husband and daughter both wear glasses. I think my husband actually likes his, but my daughter never wears her’s.

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