Charlotte’s Got A Lot

Disclosure: My family and I were hosted by the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority and the Cabarrus County Tourism Center in exchange for this fabulous review.

AFM Charlotte 

Wow, where do I start? This past weekend was amazing and so beyond anything I could have imagined. What started out at first as a work event for my husband became so much more. I never knew that when I contacted the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority for help with our trip that it would turn into such a fabulous review for my whole family. Plus I get to showcase part of the state that I am so proud to be born in and to call home. Being from North Carolina is one thing that I am totally proud of I am still in awe at all that my state has to offer. I am discovering new places every day.

So onto the weekend when I contacted the Visitors Authority I never knew that we would be staying at the Great Wolf Lodge in Concord/ Charlotte much less being able to visit so many exciting attractions. So many things happened this weekend that putting it into one post would not do justice to that beautiful city. So instead I decided to split it up and give each place that we encountered on our weekend an individual post. I never knew that I would get a series out of this weekend but that is what it has become.

First I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you how awesome the staff at the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority and the Cabarrus County Tourism Center are. I worked one on one with one of their communications specialists to make this trip fun as well as educational. Because you know being a teacher I am always looking for fun ways to teach children and in a city like Charlotte there are a lot of fun things to do and see. So I hope that you enjoy the series on Charlotte and like their website says Charlotte’s Got A Lot. So make sure to turn in to find out more about our wonderful adventures to this big city with an even bigger heart.

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  1. Lucky you !! I hope this can happen to me one day. I would love for my blog to take to another place ! Great blog and wishing you much more success !!

  2. That is so amazing that you got that extra opportunity!

    It’s amazing how they actually gave you good customer service that is very important these days with company’s. Great review and sounds like it was a blast and memories were made.

  3. I haven’t been to Charlotte since I was in high school. I am sure a lot has changed since then! I’d love to get back.

  4. My parents were originally from NC and we’ve visited there many times. Beautiful state, and can’t wait to go back!

  5. I passed through Charlotte a couple of time on road trips way back when. I never really stopped to see what was there. Now I am sorry I didn’t and have a feeling I am going to be a lot more sorry as your posts progress.

  6. I think I saw some if your adventures on twitter this week! I was there only once for a conference. I love how educational you made this trip!

  7. Yes I did document some of the trip on twitter but there are still more pictures to show off including the ones from each place we went to.

  8. Don’t be sorry just think about like this you will be better informed as to where to go next time you are in town.

  9. Yes in all your travels you need to visit again. Your family will love it.

  10. Yes it was a blast and then some. So glad we got to do this before the girls went back to school.

  11. You can have it this success as well. Just continue to pitch companies and things will work out. Don’t get upset over one no just focus on the positives.

  12. That is one state I haven’t had the pleasure to visit yet. It is on the list! Love Great Wolf Lodge. We make a yearly trip to the closest one in WA.

  13. Sounds like a fabulous trip! So wonderful when people offer great customer service. Looking forward to seeing your journey!

  14. I’ve only driven through North Carolina, but would love to go for an extended visit. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Cant want to see all your adventures – isn’t it fantastic that you can mix both fun and learning? This is awlays what I look for when planning trips.

  16. We always contact the visitor centers when traveling. There’s always something amazing to do that we never would have thought of on our own. We’ve stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge a few times. My kids swear it the greatest place ever.

  17. I’m so glad you had a great weekend. I’d love to visit Charlotte. My parents have traveled there a few times, and are always gushing about how pretty it is.

  18. I’ve never been to Charlotte or anywhere in the south really. I’d love to go some time.

  19. I can’t wait to read the series. It is my dream to move to NC once the girls move out. I want to be able to inform my hubby of all the great things that are there, Charlotte included!

  20. amen to that and what we have gone through in the last year this trip was just what the doctor ordered.

  21. sadly we didn’t really get to explore the historic side but I already have plans to go back up there.

  22. This was our first experience at Great Wolf my girls have gone before but not my husband or I. I loved it and want to go back

  23. Yes and if you have little ones you must take them to Sea Life Aquarium and the Great Wolf Lodge.

  24. Then girl you need to keep reading this blog. I love to share my home state.

  25. Staying somewhere is so much better when the staff is friendly. Glad you had a good time!

  26. I have visited North Carolina but never Charlotte. Heard from a few people that it’s lovely.

  27. I’ve actually never been to Charlotte or any part of down south actually. I’ve heard lots of great things about NC though and would love to visit one day.

  28. Sounds like you all had an amazing time. I love great wolf lodge. I have never been to the one that you were at but I love the one in Missouri.

  29. I am so with you on fun and education. I am always teaching my girls and for the most part, they do not even know it.

  30. I recently had a great experience with a visitor’s bureau for a town in the next state. They hooked us up with some incredible adventures! Glad you had a fantastic time!

  31. Looking forward to hearing more. And hurrah for nice people to work with, and hurrah for Great Wolf Lodge. 😉

  32. My girls always go with their grandparents so this was the first time for my husband and I. We are in love with it.

  33. It sounds like you had an amazing time– I can’t wait to hear what all you did.

  34. I look forward to seeing if the rest of Charlotte was as pleasant as the welcome staff!

  35. And the thing is I haven’t even met them in person. I am thinking that another trip needs to have them in it.

  36. It sounds like you all had an exciting weekend. Doing individual posts sounds like a good idea. Glad you and your family had fun! 🙂

  37. My family loves The Great Wolf Lodge. I didn’t know they had one in Charlotte. Sounds like you had a great time. I can’t wait what you have to share about your time.

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