Ordinary or Extraordinary?? Which one are you??

Are you destined for greatness or do you just want to get by with living an ordinary life without anything extraordinary happening to you? Well in the book Adam Orser written by Daniel Armand. The main character Adam just wanted to life an ordinary life with his girlfriend and her son. But that was not to be.

Here is a brief summary of the book.

Adam Orser seems to be a regular guy, leading a fairly successful life in Toronto as a psychologist with a loving girlfriend, Jazmin.

But there is nothing ordinary about Adam.

Fate interrupts his planned marriage proposal, and a serious car accident thrusts him into a metaphysical reality behind a deep coma that holds his physical body in check. Through an advanced system of training and evolution created by the celestial realm, Adam is called to a dangerous mission with profound implications for the world he knows, and life and death consequences for one missing nine-year old girl, who is no ordinary kidnapped child. Fantastical forces are at work on both sides of the veil between the world we recognize and those yet to be discovered.

Destiny compels Adam to freely choose the part he will play in a no-limits competition between good and evil. Questions of existence, causality, and truth converge as Adam struggles to find his way back to Jazmin and a life that will never be the same.


This book puts what I am going through right now in my personal life in a new perspective. Is there a world beyond ours and in that world are we able to be who we are now or will we be something better or worse? Those questions are floating around in my head. With the senseless murder of our nephew any book that deals with the hereafter makes me question why things happen and when it the timing for it to happen. It is all predetermined from the day we are conceived or from the day we are born. And do the choices we make lead us to our fate or does it lead us from our fate.

I have to admit that it took me a while to get interested in this book because it would bounce around from scene to scene. But once I got into it, I was amazed with the way the author was able to portray the two worlds.

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  1. Melissa, please accept my deepest condolences for the loss of your nephew. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

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