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La Farm

Now that my girls are growing up, I was thinking the other day that I don’t want to look back and regret not spending time with them. It is not often that I get to spend one on one time with each of my daughters but the opportunity to sample some yummy Thanksgiving goodies from La Farm Bakery help make a memorable one on one Mom/ Daughter Day. Thanks La Farm.

So when I was offered the opportunity to check out La Farm Bakery in Cary, I immediately asked if I could bring a guest, since it is a little bit of a drive for me. I wasn’t sure which daughter I would bring but I know it would be one of the younger girls. Luckily for me that decision wasn’t hard for me to make as the next day I got an invite to the prescreening of The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 and since Gracie had gone to the other prescreenings this was a no brainer. So Mikaela was my date for dinner at La Farm.

la farm bakery inside door

We arrived early and was pleasantly surprised by how quaint the bakery was. We learned that you can’t judge a book by its cover. From the outside La Farm Bakery looks just like any other store in a strip mall but once you step inside you are taken to the world of a quaint French Bakery. In these days of stores and restaurants choosing to look modern , this was a refreshing breath of fresh air.

la farm yummy

In talking with the owner Lionel, he explained that La Farm is a family owned and family oriented business. He wants his customers to feel from the moment they step foot in the door of the bakery- to be able to forget all their worries and just focus on the food and having a good time.

la farm collage

With that purpose in mind, La Farm took great pains in making an environment that would create that atmosphere. Using parts of an old farm-house, La Farm stands alone in ambiance.


quiche lorraine la farm

Now onto the food. I had the Quiche Lorraine for dinner and it was absolutely yummy. I was totally surprised with the size of the servings and if I had known how much we would be tasting after dinner I would have not gobbled it all up and saved some for later.

All I have to say is that my diet totally went out the door that night. During dinner, Lionel sat down with our group and chatted with all of us. He even engaged in conversation with my daughter about soccer.

fig polenta walnut bread La Farm

During our dinner we all tasted the Fig, Polenta, Walnut Bread which is their new bread. This is a sourdough bread and it was so yummy. One of the things that make La Farm different from other bakeries is that they use locally stone ground flour which is healthier for us.

Now onto the Tasting

Lionel La Farm

After dinner, we were invited back into the inner sanctum of the bakery to sample some of the offerings of breads and desserts for Thanksgiving.

We tried several vAriations of Challah bread, Lionel even took the time to share us how to make it. He made it look so easy.

We were also given a chance to try out a few tarts and other yummy desserts. All I can say is there is one thing I didn’t like and that was I was so full from dinner and the first few samples that I wasn’t able to sample everything. Yep folks it was that good. I think we all had a great time. Just look at our smiling faces.

Lionel with Bloggers La Farm

La Farm Bakery is located at 4248 Cary Parkway in Cary. For more information about the bakery check out their website. Also the deadline to order for Thanksgiving is November 28.

I promise you, if you go to La Farm you won’t be disappointed. In fact I plan on going back soon and taking the rest of my family because I know they would enjoy it.

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