Cancer Awareness Month


Normally I don’t really promote items for a specific cause, I like to promote the cause itself. But this will be the one exception to the rule. Since my dad died in January, I have been drawn to causes and to do things honoring his memory. Look for a blog post soon about how we are carrying out his legacy.

You may or may not know that my dad died of Cancer in January. This wasn’t the first time cancer touched our lives. 20 years ago this past May, my sister Karen also died from Cancer. It is a cause near and dear to my heart.  I think any cancer patient is a true hero in my eyes.

After my sister Karen died my mom started wearing an angel pin on her shirts. She found comfort in that pin. When dad died I got a beautiful silver heart necklace from Perfect Memorials. She found it comforting.


Knowing how much comfort my mom got from these two piece of jewelry when I found out that Perfect Memorials has a sale for the entire month of October for Cancer Awareness, I knew this was one cause I wanted to get behind. Right now you can find savings on their awareness products plus you add to that saving with a 5% coupon.

I will have to say that this is one company that I am extremely impressed with. Not only are their products awesome quality but the comfort that is has given my mom is a huge plus for me.

So hurry over and check out the products that on sale for Awareness MOnth . And don’t forget you can use the coupon code RIBBON15 at check out for a 5% off your price. Think of it as free shipping if you want. This coupon  is only good through November 1, 2015 so hurry on over and grab it.

So tell me do you have a piece of jewelry that gives you comfort? I would love to know your story.

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