Ways to Update A Bathroom Without Spending Tons

This post is sponsored by Delta. But the updates are all mine.

bathroom update with Delta Faucet

I love watching home renovation shows on television dreaming of one day being able to do just that to my home. The bathroom and kitchen remodel are always the ones that have me drooling and wishing I had a room like those. Sadly, the budgets on television don’t quite add up to my budget. So I have had to look for ways to achieve an updated look on a budget.

Look at some of the budget friendly ways I have discovered to make a change in the bathroom.


First, if you don’t want to paint get a cute vinyl picture for the wall. This one we have on the wall of our Jack and Jill bathroom. It is too cute and easy to install. It took me one afternoon to install because I  wanted to make sure that there weren’t any bubbles in the vinyl.

bathroom update rug and shelf

Find a rug that matches or plays up the theme of the bathroom. This rug with branches on it in honor of breast cancer awareness fit the bill.

Add a shelf for makeup or odds and ends. This will keep the sink from being cluttered all the time.

Add a new shower curtain. Sure that sounds simple but did you know that a shower curtain can change the whole look of a room.

bathroom laundry update

Also, add a laundry basket that will stop ( you hope) the throwing of the clothes all over the bathroom floor.

delta showerhead

Last but not least, take a shower like a millionaire when you install a Delta Faucet Showerhead with Temp2O™ Technology.  I love this showerhead because it tells you exactly what the temperature of the water is before you jump in. No more jumping in and getting a shock because the water is too cold. I also love that the showerhead has color indicators to show you what the temperature is. This is perfect for me as I can’t see the numbers without using my glasses and I don’t normally take a shower with my glasses on. I also love that this showerhead is ideal for conservation as it uses 20% less water than standard showerhead options. It comes in a variety of finishes, so it is easy to find one that fits into the decor of your bathroom. I loved this showerhead so much that I considered moving it to our bathroom instead of leaving it in my daughters’ bathroom. (That doesn’t make me a bad mom does it?)

So here are some ways to update your bathroom without spending a ton of money. Do you have any more? I always love to hear what other people do so share.

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  1. Great tips! We added a curved shower curtain bar in our hall bathroom where we have a shower/bath combo. The shower has a more spacious feel now for guests. And, take caution when you decide to remove that vinyl some day. I ruined a wall in our old house trying to peel one off that I added. I managed to fix the wall, but it took a lot of work and patience to repair.

  2. A shower curtain can change the look of the entire bathroom! We just updated our bathroom and got a new shower curtain, instant update! As always, it’s nice to be co-hosting this week’s #HomeMattersParty with you!

  3. My bathroom needs an update! I love the showerhead, especially now that my son has moved from bath to shower and doesn’t test the water before he walks right in. I am enjoying co-hosting the #HomeMattersParty with you.

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