Live, Laugh, and Love Why the Mantra Is One to Live By

Live, Laugh, and Love Why the Mantra Is One to Live By from North Carolina Lifestyle blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

You’ve seen it on decorations. You’ve seen it on water bottles and bracelets. The inspirational quote found all over: Live, Laugh, and Love. Thousands of people have taken up the phrase as a mantra to live by, but what does it mean? Why are so many people dedicating their lives to it?

How Mantras Impact You

As Buddhism and Hinduism traditionally use them, mantras are a sound or word that you repeat as you meditate to help you in concentration. They have transformed over the years to be statements or slogans that are repeated frequently. Live, Laugh, and Love falls somewhere in the middle. While it is a slogan that is plastered across any surface you can get your hands on, the utterance of it can have the same effects as uttering mantras in meditation. Here are a few ways mantras, in general, can affect you:

 1. Saying a mantra frequently stimulates your endocrine system.

Meditation mantras have you press your tongue against the palate of your mouth which stimulates the pituitary, thalamus, and hypothalamus. In short, the vibration of this action releases chemical hormones to balance out your body and heal.

 2. Chanting mantras help focus your attention.

In meditation, chanting is used to make sure your mind isn’t jumping from one thought to the next. You focus your attention on concentrating above all else. Mantras such as “Live, Laugh, and Love” can have a similar effect. You can say or think it in times that you’re feeling anxious or on the verge of a panic attack. It will keep you grounded. 

3. It’s an effective way to let out emotion.

People often see as letting out their emotions as a bad thing. They feel like they’ll be judged and judge themselves for those feelings. Saying a mantra in Hinduism and Buddhism will help you release your emotion through self-expression. More modern mantras can have the same effect.

 Reasons to Go by Live, Laugh, and Love

 1. It helps you remember that memories are the most precious treasures in life, not possessions. You’ve heard it a thousand times before, but it really is true: you can’t buy happiness. Money gives you options, like buying a higher-quality mattress or remodeling your house into the house of your dreams.  But at the end of the day, these aren’t what will become your most treasured memories. Instead, it’ll be the thought of your kids jumping into bed with you on Christmas morning or the cherished family dinners and get-togethers in your home that will make lasting impressions. Having the mantra of “Live, Laugh, and Love” can help you remember that it is the experiences that really count.

2. Prioritize time with family and friends. When life hits you hard, you realize the things that are important in life. The things you have on your “to do” list, the things you want to buy, and the arguments you have to finish don’t really mean anything. “Live, Laugh, and Love” reminds you of this and can provide you with hope in such difficult times. Most importantly, it shows you that you have to prioritize your time. Whether it’s getting a new camping blanket so you can finally take your family on that camping trip you’ve talked about, or picking out a guinea pig cage to surprise your child with a new pet, the mantra lets you find time for the things you love and helps you to prioritize how you spend your money in service of improving your quality time.

3. Find happiness in what you can do, not what you can’t. You will always feel like you can be doing more. More with your job, more with your relationships, and more with life in general. This feeling causes you to be very overwhelmed. Using the mantra allows you to be centered. It can also make you feel that what you’re doing in your life is enough. It allows you to acknowledge and appreciate your strengths. It can help you overcome obstacles that are tough and daunting. Lastly, it gives you hope for the things you have yet to do or learn.

4. Kick toxicity out of your life. “Live, Laugh, and Love” helps you show appreciation for the life you have. It allows you to see the enjoyment of life with the ones you love. Most importantly, it allows you to take a hard look at your life and see where negativity is coming from. Okay, so you had a plumbing emergency that reminded you of all the home repairs you have to make. It’s unfortunate, but you can call an expert emergency plumbing service, and the matter will be taken care of. Maybe you feel like you’ll never get the car that you want because of your credit loan. Don’t dwell on it. Instead, search for bad credit auto loans. Even if the negative event isn’t your fault but you are having to pay for the repercussions, such as by hiring a personal injury lawyer, you can’t let the misfortunes in life make you jaded and bitter. By focusing on what you do have and being grateful, you’ll be able to dispel toxic thoughts and truly live a happier and more satisfied life.

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