8 Essential Tips for Managing Single Parent Stress

Whether you’re single parenting by choice or due to unfortunate circumstances, raising children without help can be highly stressful. If you’re a single parent struggling to balance life, here are eight tips to help you efficiently manage stress, so you can become the best primary caregiver to your little ones. 

8 Essential Tips for Managing Single Parent Stress

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Develop a strong support network

A study by the Pew Research Center showed that the United States has the highest rate of children living in single-household arrangements, globally. These statistics demonstrate that thousands of single parents are facing similar challenges and that you’re not alone in this journey. 

Search for credible social media platforms and online communities dedicated to single parenthood and connect with like-minded parents. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from trusted relatives and friends, and surround yourself with supportive and positive individuals. 

Establish healthy boundaries

With all the demands of single parenting, it is essential you set healthy boundaries in your relationships. Protect your energy, and don’t compromise your mental and emotional well-being for other people’s happiness. Say no to unrealistic requests, especially from toxic and judgemental individuals. Focus your efforts on your kids’ development and learn to prioritize. Establishing boundaries can help direct your energy to more critical matters, preventing parenting burnout and fatigue. 

Practice relaxation strategies

Another way to combat single parenting stress is by engaging in relaxation activities. Some relaxation techniques you can try include massage, deep breathing, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, meditation, music and art therapy, visualization, and progressive muscle relaxation. 

Aside from these practices, consider taking prescribed medications or alternatives such as CBD or THCA flower, as they can significantly help reduce your stress levels. To get more information about the latter, you can read articles discussing in detail the high THCA flower legality and other related content. 

Work on your finances

Financial instability is one of the most significant stressors for most single parents. Raising children is expensive, and doing it yourself can be highly challenging. Assess your finances and work on improving your financial situation. Minimize unnecessary spending, reduce your debt, and create a budget that suits your family’s needs. 

Be ready to make lifestyle changes and exhaust any available financial assistance. Attaining financial independence can significantly ease the stress of single parenting and help you become more confident with your financial choices.

Stay healthy

With your hectic schedule and endless responsibilities, it is relatively easy to neglect your overall health. No matter how busy you are, incorporate exercise into your daily routine for at least 30 minutes. You don’t need to engage in rigorous physical activities, as a simple walk can do wonders for your mental health. Focus on your nutrition and always choose nutritious foods over unprocessed ones. 

While getting eight hours of continuous sleep may be difficult, work on getting quality rest throughout the day. Ask a close friend or family member to watch your kids so you can sleep for a few hours on weekends. If budget permits, hire a babysitter or leave them at a reputable daycare center within the neighborhood. 

Revisit old passions

Aside from living a healthy lifestyle, you should also take time to do activities that bring you pleasure. Think of the things that used to ignite your spirit before you had kids, and check how you can fit them into your daily schedule. If these previous activities no longer suit you, leave your comfort zone and engage in new ones. Being a single parent should not restrict you from doing the things you love. If anything else, solo parenting should drive you to become the best version of yourself. 

Let go of the guilt

Guilt is another stressor for most single parents, as many tend to feel that they’re not enough for their kids. Harboring guilt is not only unproductive but also detrimental to your mental and emotional well-being. Even if you’re away from your kids most of the time due to work, stop the guilt trip and be kind to yourself. 

Focus on what you can provide for your kids instead of fixating on the material possessions they don’t have. If you’re not spending enough time with your little ones, adjust your schedule and remember to be fully present whenever you’re with them. Put away your phones and focus all attention on your children. 

Foster a positive mindset

Regardless of your circumstances, you must adopt a positive mindset and attitude so you can better parent your children. Be mindful of your self-talk and avoid negative people. If you feel that social media is affecting your sense of worth, do a digital detox and connect with loved ones in person.

Remember that your little ones are watching how you do life, so work on becoming their best role model. If you cannot change your negative outlook on your own, seek professional help immediately, so you can address your negativity before it escalates. 


With the right attitude, mindset, and stress management strategies, single parenting need not be difficult. Engage in self-care activities, and don’t be embarrassed to reach out for help. 

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