Why You Should Take More Family Vacations

family vacations

As a mom, I find spending time with family the most worthy cause of my life. As opposed to toys and gifts, experiences are much better. This is why we do our best to try to take an annual family vacation. I remember how much I enjoyed it when my parents took me on my first trip to Disneyworld. I am glad I was old enough to participate and remember it. And, my parents also took me on my first trip to go skiing and my first trip to Europe.

I’m thankful it turned out that way because those trips were unforgettable. I want my children to have lasting memories as well. Over the years, family vacations have evolved. There are now more choices, options, and variety. From all-inclusive vacations to cruises with kids’ clubs and family-friendly resorts, you don’t lack for choices. You just need to go.

Family vacations are like glue

We all need to take a vacation from the daily stresses of life. The vacation is even more enjoyable when you take your family with you. You can go for a hike, go fishing, explore a museum, go swimming and more. It is a great time to get to know each other and spend time as a family without all the daily distractions. You may be surprised how quickly your children ditch their devices for vacation fun.

Take a road trip and earn some extra cash

Road trips are all about the journey and not the destination. There is no better opportunity to see the heart of your country than with a road trip. Plus, instead of feeling cramped in a car, you may as well do it comfortably with an RV.

According to Outdoorsy, the Airbnb for RVs, Wyatt Billingsley, and his family rent out their RV because they love spending time together experiencing nature. They wanted other families to have the same experience. One of their favorite trips was to Williams, Arizona. On a road trip, you can take your family anywhere. You are not bound by flight schedules and hotel check-in times. Plus, there is nothing like a bit of adventure.

Improve their brain development

Traveling with your kids gives them new experiences to stretch their social, physical, sensory and cognitive interactions. Think of spending time together walking through a forest, playing in the grass, roasting marshmallows on a fire or building a sandcastle and feeling the sand between the toes. The experience of traveling together cannot compare to buying stuff. You won’t remember the mobile device you had five years ago, but you will remember your family vacation.

Teach your kids about the rest of the world

If you are driving, you can always take detours towards something historical. You might stumble upon old homes and museums. Kids naturally enjoy museums; they just like discovering things. Even if you choose a stay-cation, you might be amazed at how many things you can discover right in your own city or town.

 Your kids will grow up

Doesn’t it seem like yesterday when your teenager was still in diapers? No matter how old they get, you will always see them as they were when they were kids or babies. Many parents will agree that time flies by. Before you know it, your babies are in college and have lives of their own. This is why it is important to take them on vacations while they are still young and still want your company.

As you can see, family vacations are quite the worthy cause. You want to give your children memories that last a lifetime.

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