5 Spot-on Benefits of 3D Printing Pen

5 Spot-on benefits of 3D printing pen from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

3D printing pens may not get a permanent position in your art bag yet, but it has a colorful history. This creative equipment is hitherto to get its merited popularity and due respect. A 3D printing pen is like a miniature version of 3D printer that you can hold in two fingers. It uses the same kind of heating component that you would find on a 3D printer. But instead of controlling it by rolling fingers on a computer mouse, you actually guide the printer by hand. This is particularly useful for those who are geniuses in the creative field but not really tech-savvy.

The theory that makes 3D pens work is very simple. Heat is used to melt plastic. The temperature differs depending on the subject or the materials used to make the filament. The melted filament is then pushed through the extruder needle. The melted plastic cools down and hardens swiftly once outside the pen, making the effect of the filament permanent. Give your dream a shape and color of your choice.

Artists can find immense joy in seeing how their creation takes form right before their eyes. The origination of 3D pens has given us the chance to move away from the even surface and essentially make our ideas take palpable shapes. 3D printers are still the best choice in printing complex designs, but for those who want to show their artistic talents, 3D pens are always the best choice. 3D printing technologies are still evolving and with it, the 3D pen also adding new and new features to make it more attractive and useful.


If you are fond of 3D printing but can’t afford a 3D printer of your own, then this unique pen is the best possible choice you have to make the 3D production a reality. You can make your own creations by using this tool at your convenience and without spending much time and money. Small companies also use 3D pens for new products for trial purposes to see whether the final product will be a hit or a miss. Modifications in provisional products will be physically & financially an easy job consuming less time and resulting in more functional products.

Environmentally Friendly

The environment is a concern for all. But it matters the most to generation Y. The trend of selecting items based on its environment-friendliness is rapidly going up. 3D printing pen is a perfect choice in that category. Not only it is energy-efficient but truly environmentally friendly. Research shows that 3D pens are eco-friendly leading to the limited amount of dumped industrial waste. Moreover, they are not hazardous by any means.


More and more people are getting access to 3D printing. In fact, there are 3D printing pens that can produce the same results as that of the 3D printer, only that the user will have to maneuver the nozzle with his own hands. Keeping pace with its growing popularity, various types of 3D printing pens are now easily available in your locality. With this progress, many will be able to create the product they need, when they need it and wherever they are.

Kid’s Delight

You can do anything to see a satisfied smile on your child’s face. As you want to make them confident and creative, a 3D printing pen is a perfect gift for them. Some 3D printing pens are specially made for kids. This invention is surely a kid’s delight as this kind of pens uses ultraviolet rays instead of heat for hardening of liquid which is being extruded. Its’ variety of colors, multiple uses, easy to operate features adds to its ease of use by kids. The growing use of 3D printing pens in education sector proves that it has already created a permanent position among the next gen.

Ultimate Creativity

This flexible technology surely offers tons of possibilities, allowing turning people’s imaginations into reality, faster than ever before. This is healthier, economical, faster, more adaptable and more maintainable. 3D Pens will obviously bring a major revolution in teaching methods in many subjects by making things visually real and easy to accept & comprehend. With patience, practice & skills, we can undoubtedly create something artistic with the pen. It is totally customizable with diverse material choices and with infinite geometrical options.

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