Make the Most of Your Time with Toddler and Baby

A big worry for expecting moms who already have a toddler is sibling rivalry. Lots of moms are concerned that the eldest will feel left out because new baby needs so much more attention. Luckily, there are ways to make sure toddler and baby get along great and will grow up to be the best of friends. The way mom and dad behave can make all the difference, and it is the time you spend together at home, or out with your double buggy, which will help big sibling and little sibling get on the best- and put your mind at ease!

Make the Most of Your Time with Toddler and Baby by North Carolina Mom Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Time for Baby is Family Time

If baby needs a feed, don’t be shy about feeding in front of their big sibling. Sharing these moments helps encourage responsibility from your toddler and a sense of care for a new baby.

Both of your kids are little, and toddler needs to feel cared for and fussed over too, but sharing how you care for baby encourages care from your toddler. Mom and dad are positive role models, and from you, your kids will learn how to care for others.

Explaining baby’s needs to toddler includes the older sibling in the care of the baby, and encourages positive behavior from toddler toward the baby, which will help them get on better as they grow older!

Let Toddler be the Big Sibling

Kids are naturally generous, and the big sibling will most likely want to help with the new arrival. There are lots of behaviors you can encourage from the toddler that will make the toddler feel special as they bond with baby.

Encouraging toddler to chat with the baby is a great way to encourage sibling bonding. Telling toddler how, when they were little, you would talk to them a lot, and that helped them learn to talk, will help toddler realize how special and important a job talking or singing to the baby is.

You can ask your toddler to help with getting things like diapers and baby wipes, or bottles, so they know how important they are in looking after the baby. This will encourage care between the siblings which can last a lifetime.

Get on Toddler’s Level

This may sound strange, but sitting on the floor with a toddler is a great way to look after both big and little sibling. The floor level is where toddler plays and where they experience their world. You can provide the basic care baby needs while sitting down and providing the toddler with their emotional care.

You can hold the baby in your arms or in a sling, and join in playing with the toys and games toddler likes to play with. Even if you’re tired after a long, late night with the baby, sitting down where toddler plays and just resting with their little sibling gives toddler that much needed time to adapt to the baby. Just watching Mom share her time with baby can help toddler feel secure of their place in the family unit. 

Review which Double Buggy You Need for Trips Out

Time out of the house is important family time for you and your kids. Just a walk around a park can improve your relaxation and satisfy some of the toddler’s curiosity. Because of this, you really need to consider exactly what kind of double stroller you need. With kids of two different ages, you want a stroller which can adapt to different circumstances and help toddler and baby bonding.

A good buggy is one where toddler feels close with and a little responsible for the aby. This encourages a positive, productive bonding between the two, and makes the toddler feel important.

Sometimes the toddler will want to get out and walk, so an ideal stroller is one where you have some flexibility with the seating arrangement. It’s a good idea to consider a stroller where one chair can be permanently removed once toddler gets too old, so you get the most out of your money.  When baby’s a little bigger, it’s good to get a stroller where he can watch toddler on his toddles, so baby learns from the big sibling.

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