Little Girls Love Playing Dress Up !

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I remember when my girls were really little how much they enjoyed playing dress up. The more clothes, jewelry,  and accessories they had the more fun they would have. Sometimes they even got others in on their shenanigans. I think my favorite picture I have of my dad is when he was playing dress up with Gracie when she was little. I mean think about it, here was a retired Marine Master Sergeant, a deputy sheriff who had the look of a mean person playing with his little granddaughter. If only the criminals and the Marines who he kept in line could see him. Just check out the picture.

Gracie and Dad playing Dress up

Even though my girls are older they still love playing dress up but now their tastes are more expensive. But I tell you this because what little kids doesn’t like to play dress up? Or for that matter have jewelry designed just for them.

That is what is so great about Lil’ Lockitz. First, you and your child can personalize them in so many ways. I don’t know about your kids but when my girls were little they love anything that was made especially for them. Heck, Gracie still has her build a bear that her sisters made for her when she was five days old.

gracie and build a bear

The second thing I love about this product is that you can make more than just one when you grab the kit. This would be awesome to do at a sleepover. Each girl  could make up their own story using the items provided in the kits.  I can just hear the roars of laughter as they decide which items they want to put in their lockets. Also, what a great party favor, just buy this and have the girls make them. No need to buy tons of candy and other goodies. Also, think about how much more they will treasure the item because they made it themselves.

And oh, I almost forgot this would be an awesome Christmas gift as well. So take my advice if you have a fashion diva in your family or on your Christmas list than the Lil’ Lockitz would be a big hit.

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