5 Ways to Start Looking Your Best

5 Ways to Start Looking Your Best from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Do you go through life with a bit of a drop in your shoulders? Do you feel like someone else at the office always looks a little bit better than you? If you’re feeling less than powerful, less than savvy, and less than dazzling, then you may have accepted by now that that’s just “you.” You probably don’t think of yourself as one of life’s most attractive people. You think of yourself as average, or even unattractive.

To make matters worse, it looks like attractive people have an advantage in life. They get more promotions, more second interviews, do better in politics, and have an easier time attracting a mate. While this can be discouraging for the rest of us, the truth is… almost no one is actually unattractive. The “attractive” people are usually just the people who take better care of themselves. If you’ve been hiding under a bad haircut or sloppy makeup for too many years, then it’s time to start looking like the true you. Without further ado, here are five ways to start looking your best.

Your Smile

Sometimes, we let magazines and Instagram trick us into thinking that people are attractive primarily because of their body and face. In the real world, people can have attractive bodies and faces, but what really matters is a visible personality. Your smile can shed a bit of your light everywhere you go. Smiling is actually contagious, and your smile can put others at ease. Whether you need to check out Princeton Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, or start whitening, start taking better care of your smile.

Your Makeup

If you wear makeup, then you should take the time to do it well. You don’t need to look trussed up or plastic, but you should master the techniques you do use. Start experimenting with makeup and watching a few tutorials. There’s a wide range of products made by leading brands like Cailyn Cosmetics available for purchase on 
Sweet Sparkle.

Your Hair

If you thought you were average, think again. You might look average now, but only because you’re hiding behind your haircut. If you’ve still got those 80s bangs, or you cut your own hair under a bowl, then it might be time to get rescued by a stylist. Find out what’s right for your age, face, color, and personality. Your haircut can actually say a lot about how you perceive yourself–both to you and other people.

Your Clothes

If you dress only from clearance buys, then it’s likely that none of your clothes really fit you. If you do manage to find the right sizes, that doesn’t mean the colors and designs are right for you. (It was on clearance, after all.) You don’t have a spend a fortune on clothes, but you should start hunting down clothes that fit you well and help you look your age and that create a flattering silhouette.

Your Posture

Weirdly, your posture can have an effect on your self-esteem. Not only does it affect how people perceive you (thereby affecting how you perceive yourself) it also inspires confidence. To start acting like the powerful man or woman you are, start sitting up straight, holding strong shoulders, and making more eye contact.

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