Teaching Your Kids To Make Better Decisions In Life

Teaching Your Kids

Part of raising children is teaching them how to make good decisions about everything in life, from money to relationships. While most kids are still going to learn many things the hard way, know that even when you don’t think they are listening to you they are. Keep talking even when it feels like your words are falling on deaf ears and even when they’re continuing to make mistakes you’ve thought you guided them past.

Drugs And Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol can be a couple of the hardest lessons to learn at any age. Both of these things have a negative effect on the brain and on the body, and people of any age can find themselves trapped in the world of addiction. By teaching your children that it’s OK to say “no” and that there are ways to have fun (or fight your demons) without drugs, you will be giving them better stepping stones for life.

Take them into a treatment center so that they can see what drugs and alcohol actually do to people. Seeing abuse first hand is one way that will help you and your kids realize how bad addiction really is.

Romantic Relationships

It’s easy for people of any age to get sucked into bad relationships. Not only do you need to teach your children about sex, both the good and the bad things about it, but you also need to teach them what is right and wrong in relationships. The most important things being honesty and communication.


Just like there can be abusive and toxic romantic relationships, there can also be toxic friendships. Teach your children the difference between a healthy friendship and friendships that are unhealthy. There should always be mutual respect and admiration between friends of any kind. It’s about equal parts of give and take.

Healthy Living

Teaching your children about living healthy is also important. They need to know how to make good decisions when it comes to diet and fitness choices. Teach them by example in this respect. If you’re constantly taking them out for fast food you are teaching them that this kind of diet is acceptable, when it’s not when it comes to being healthy.

Deciding to exercise each day is another thing that should be taught by example. Physical fitness is important for more than just weight loss. Teach your kids that this is a heart healthy thing to do, and with the fact that heart disease is one of the leading killers out there it makes sense for everyone to get some physical activity into each and every day.

Work And School

Go to school, that’s what you need to teach your kids. Whether it’s college or trade school, it will help them with their future career. And teach them why they need a career because nothing comes for free and there are always bills due!

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