Ways to Increase Your Water Intake

I participated in this experiment in a partnership with Moms Meet. But the water battle is ongoing. 

sweet leaf water drops

I am not known to drink a lot of water. I know I should but just the thought of plain old water is just yucky to me. How can anything so bland supposed to be good for you? 

I have had to devise some ways for me to increase my water intake. I hope the ideas that have helped me will help you as well. 

First don’t buy anything else to drink. I know drastic right? But I have found if there is nothing in the house to drink than you will have to settle for water. 

Ease into your water drinking. If you feel like can only drink water and you have to do it, it will feel like a chore and you won’t want to drink it. 

Always have water on hand even when you are on a road trip. 

Give yourself an incentive. Like for instance for every three glasses of water I drink I allow myself a small glass of a flavored beverage. It could be soda or it could be wine 😉 I am not telling. I have noticed that sometimes I chose water over the other beverage.

Add fruit or cucumber slices to your water. And while you are at it imagine you are sitting in a spa somewhere being pampered. Imagination helps when it comes to water intake. 

Drink it from a fabulous cup. I often drink mine from a wine or champagne glass it just makes it more elegant. (Imagination in play here as well.) 

sweet leaf water drops

Also you can add a little variety to your water using Sweet Leaf Water Drops. They have a delicious taste and come in a variety of flavors (Lemon Lime, Raspberry Lemonade, Peach Mango, and Strawberry Kiwi). Plus they have zero calories and that is great because who needs the extra calories. They also very portable you can slip them in your purse or leave in your car and use them on the go. Which I personally think is awesome. 

So tell me how do you increase your water intake?


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