Day of Family Fun

 Yesterday we spent a day together as a family.  We also had one of our adopted daughters with us for part of the day. Here are the girls :
Here is Gracie with Cassidy (our other daughter)

 Now Maddie and Mikaela being Silly
Now finally one of Maddie and one of her BFF’s Cassidy
After we dropped Cassidy off we went to Cary to watch the Carolina Railhawks soccer team play the Puerto Rico Islanders team. Carolina won 3-0. But my girls had a great time at the game. Maddie
and Mikaela rooted for Puerto Rico and Gracie all she cared about was Swoops the Railhawks
Mascot. Here are some pictures from our family day.
Here is a shot of the game.

Here is Cleats one of the Mascots.
Here are 2 of the Puerto Rico players warming up.
 You would not believe the calf muscles on these guys.
One of the Puerto Rico players was trying so hard to keep the
 Railhawks from scoring that he got caught in the net.
See the blue in the goal.


This was oldest daughter, Maddie’s favorite player.
 She thought he was hot.
 Gracie’s favorite part of the game.
This player was the shortest one on the field at 5’5″. But man was he fast.
This picture was taken when he was coming out of the game.
All in all a good time was had by all.
 We are planning on going back in July to watch another game. ?

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