How To Keep Your Dog Safe In The Car

keep dog safe in car

Your beloved pet dog may be the only quadruped in the family since the littluns learned to walk, but he’s still a valuable member of the team – indeed, there are probably some days when you’d rank his presence above that of your own offspring. So it seems a shame to have to leave him at home when the tribe sets off in the family car, seeking adventure or at least a little break from the daily grind.

As thoughtful as it may seem, however, to include pooch in your trips and travels, he does have slightly different transport requirements than the human members of your family. In fact, get the car arrangements wrong and he may end up worse than just uncomfortable – he could become sick or injured.

But while your kids will gradually learn that they need to belt themselves up, sadly pooch does not have the capacity to tell you what he needs.  So how can you make him safe and comfortable?

Well, every dog has his own preferences, or rather to say it depends on his build and temperament. You can find carry boxes for small, nervy dogs, for example, which hang from the back seat so as to give your dog a reassuring view of you and the surroundings while you travel. A harness ensures they stay secure, so you don’t need to worry about him bounding around should he get nervous, or being thrown from his plush doggy seat in the case of a sudden stop.

There’s a comparable solution for bigger dogs or those who just love the lap of luxury: a back seat hammock! This hangs between your front and back seats, allowing pooch to lie comfortably and securely so long as he is of a more mellow nature.

There are all sorts of solutions for all sorts of dogs, and the best of these – along with some special canine travel tips – have been gathered into this puplicious new infographic from Budget Direct. Check them out, and you’re sure to find the right fit for the furriest member of your clan.



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