Be Prepared When Adopting A Kitty

be prepared when adopting a kitty

Recently we added an addition to our family, a sweet kitty name Markie. We never would have thought of adopting a kitty, but Markie won us over.  She did have 2 kittens but we haven’t seen them in weeks. My husband said it was okay for the girls to keep Markie, but she was to be an outside cat. I think he is just making sure Allie is still the princess even though he says he doesn’t like her. The girls love Markie. There is something to be said about hearing a cat purr. It is probably the most comforting sound on Earth. Although Markie found us, we were not prepared to take on a cat. But if you are considering adopting a cat, here are some things to keep in mind.

Stock up on supplies. Buy a litter box if your cat will be inside. Also make sure you have food and water dishes as well as food to fill the dish. Scratching posts and a few toys are a must as well. Go slow when introducing your new fur baby to family and friends as well as to other pets. Markie was very scared of Allie and hissed at her to begin with. But now she likes her, but Allie on the other hand is still scared of her. If your fur baby is going to be inside make sure to remove anything that might be poisonous to them. And lastly schedule an appointment with the vet to get your fur baby checked.

Adopted Cat Markie

Although Markie is an outside cat, we still love that sweet face and are so happy she has joined our family.

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  1. This is a great post. Whether you have a dog, a cat, a hamster, or a pet rock, you need to give them love, attention, and proper medical care. Your kitty is a cutey cat!

  2. Bless your hearts for doing such a sweet gesture to Markie. Give it a few more weeks, I think Markie will win your husband over 😀

  3. Bless your hearts for doing such a sweet gesture for Markie. Give it a couple more months and I’m sure Markie will win your husband’s heart & Markie gets a spot inside.

  4. Aww Markie looks like a sweetheart. Good on you for bring her into a loving home. Great tips too, cats really do need all these things.

  5. I am more a dog lover than a cat lover. I like cats but I can’t get the same kindness from them as from the dogs. Actually, your suggestions do not only apply for adopting a cat, it is also true for dogs, and who knows, for other pets too.

  6. Your kitty is so cute. I don’t have any pets due to my allergies. If I could have a pet it would be a cat.

  7. I love kitties, I’m just terribly allergic to them 🙁 These are great tips though, and as some of the commenters have already said, they apply to dog adoptions as well. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh she seems very sweet! We recently got a kitten and are still in the adjustment period with introducing our old cat to the new one. We definitely need to make sure we give our little Sammy some extra love.

  9. I’m more a doglover, and we adopted one when i was a kid. We were super happy with my brother but of course having a dog from a shelter I remember we had to have lot of patience at the beginning.

  10. Pets can really be territorial so it would important to give them time to get along. It’s also important to have supplies and regular vet appointments.

  11. I am SO afraid of cats. Every one of them – even if people say their cat is the friendlist, etc. No way Jose! 🙂 They always seem to flock toward me.

  12. Great tips and definitely applicable whether you have a dog, a cat, or any other pet fro that matter. Attention and proper care are key!

  13. What a great post! Too many people just get pets and do not care for them as they deserve to be treated.

  14. When I lived with my mom, all of our cats were actually adopted! I totally agree with stocking up on supplies before hand. It’s so important to get everything set up befor the new kitty’s arrival.

  15. We adopted 2 kitties (brother and sister) 3 1/2 years ago (oh my it’s going to be 4 yrs in March)…. they are our babies. We couldn’t live without them ever! Before we brought them home we had the litterbox, bedding, dishes, blankets, etc. Little did I realize the bedding and blankets… yeah, those meant NOTHING to the kitties… OUR bed and blankets were theirs and the house was THEIR home, not ours! LOL I wouldn’t trade our furbabies for the world though.

  16. I love cats. I haven’t had one in come time but I do love them. I think they are always just so cute and silly.

  17. We have adopted 2 kittens and they are the best thing. They are such a wonderful addition to our family.

  18. Haha I have heard a lot of things when having a Kitty – never experienced it myself though haha

  19. Great tips for sure. I love cats but husband is allergic. We had two cats for 18 years anyways and honestly they were so super sweet. They were never any trouble. They got sick when older though with stones, or crystals in the kidneys.

  20. I’ve always been an animal lover since I was young. The sound of a cat’s purr is very nice. It just reminds you of something relaxed and in a state of bliss.

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