Homecoming Dresses for Every Size and Shape

Formal dresses are always needed especially when you have three daughters like I do. Two of my girls are very petite but my youngest daughter is almost as tall as  I am.  Finding formal dresses for them is not an easy task. With three different body types going from store to store can very tiring. So when I am looking for homecoming dresses that also have amazing quality I let my handy dandy fingers do the walking through the internet. It seems like everything can be found and bought on the internet these days. In my searching I found this awesome website called ihomecoming and to say that I am in love is an understatement. I loved how they had a dress that would fit each one of my girls. I also loved the one stop shopping. Don’t you ?? And the price is amazing for the wallet. My wallet only sobs a little when I buy from there as opposed to sobbing hysterically when I buy from other sites. Picking out dresses with my girls was an awesome experience and I could give each one my individual attention as we sorted through all their options.

My oldest daughter fell in love with this dress.

maddie dress

Being an adult she tends to go for the more mature yet fun look. The price is amazing at only $79.99 as opposed to finding it somewhere else for over $300.00

My middle daughter loved this one.

mikaela dress

We have found that one shoulder dresses look amazing on her and she did not want to stray from what she knew.This dress was $78.99 on other sites it is almost $300.

Then there is my youngest, she doesn’t like to wear dresses as all but she said she would love to be seen in this dress. 

gracie dress 2

The reasons behind it first it is her favorite color and second is that it is long enough that she can wear a pair of leggings under it.  Yep that’s my girl. Plus the price is amazing at $89.99 as opposed to almost $250.00.

So no matter the size or style this site will have homecoming dresses for everyone. http://www.ihomecoming.com/ and http://www.ihomecoming.com/dresses-c1-c103649/


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