Add Stargirl to Your Winter Binge List

Add Stargirl to Your Winter Binge List from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

As colder weather moves in and families begin hibernating on their couches, one of the first things to start preparing is the winter binge list. Great shows were airing during the summer months while they were traveling and spending time outdoors. While you may be familiar with some of the great superhero shows on the CW, including Flash and Supergirl, you might have missed the debut of Stargirl.

Here are 5 great reasons you’ll want to put Stargirl at the top of your “must see” list.

1. Fun Storyline

Stargirl is full of mysteries that leave the viewer guessing at what comes next. Created by executive producer Geoff Johns, the title character believes she must be the daughter of Starman when she inherits his cosmic staff. After all, the staff doesn’t wake up and jump into action for just anyone. Viewers will continue to question: “Is she his daughter…or what?”

Other questions, such as details of events that led to the deaths of the original superheroes of the Justice Society of America, will be answered at the conclusion of Season One. Yet new mysteries will surely evolve. The mysteries are but one small part of what makes this new series so entertaining and fun to follow.

2. The Action

You can’t have a great superhero series without lots of action, and Stargirl does not disappoint. Stargirl is the alter ego of Courtney Whitmore, a talented young gymnast who does not go into battle alone. She’s got a team of other young people joining her, and together they form the new Justice Society of America, or JSA for short.

By her side are Wildcat, Doctor Mid-Nite, Hourman, and her stepdad, Pat Dugan, aka  S.T.R.I.P.E., played by the endearing Luke Wilson. Each of them has a unique talent and weapon they bring to the team, including a giant robot that flies.

3. Luke Wilson

Speaking of Luke Wilson, he’s a key element as to why this series is so fun. Older audiences will enjoy his natural and easy humor. Even when Luke Wilson isn’t attempting humor he just makes you smile. He’s also a reason this show is great for audiences of all ages.

As Pat Dugan, Luke has his own storyline because he was present the night Starman and his team lost the battle against the Injustice Society. You also have to appreciate his struggle as he co-parents a teenage daughter while required to hide important information from his wife.

4. The Villains

Stargirl’s villains aren’t new to DC comics. However, it’s doubtful you’ve ever heard of them. Icicle leads the Injustice Society of America. On his team are Brainwave, Sportsmaster, Tigress, and the Fiddler. These characters are brought back from the DC vaults to wreak havoc on Blue Valley while entertaining new generations of audiences. 

5. The Humor

Perhaps what really makes Stargirl enjoyable is that the show doesn’t take itself too seriously. Sure, there are situations in which the people of the earth must be saved from the grips of evil-doers, but mixed in with the death and destruction are comic situations to keep the mood light.

If you haven’t discovered the newest addition to the CW family and the DC Universe, you still have time before the debut of Season 2. The next season promises answers to questions that remain from Season 1. You’ll enjoy the introduction of new villains, actually old villains from 19th-century comics, as well as further character development and storylines for the brave heroes of the Justice Society of America.

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