What’s In Your Suitcase?

Suitcase packing tips

Now is the time when the school year is about to begin and the last few weeks of summer are winding down. Most people want to cram a whole lot of fun into those last weeks. Here are some tips on packing clothes, if you plan on traveling these last few weeks.

First don’t over pack especially if you are traveling by plane. Make sure to leave room for the souvenirs you know you will bring back. Now let’s get on with the important essentials for your trip- what parts of your closet you need to bring.

  • Shoes- ( 2 pairs) a pair of walking aka comfortable shoes and a pair of sparkly flats or heels. If you have enough room you can throw in an extra set of heels.
  • Tops- plain basic tops work well. But bring mostly short sleeves you can always layer with your next item.
  • Cardigan AKA Sweaters- Use these to mix and match with your tops. I have one cardigan that I wear all the time. In fact if you look at the picture on the bottom of the page I am wearing it.
  • Pants and Shorts- It depends on the time of the year. Bring along a pair of dark jeans- they can be dressy if needed. A few pair of shorts, leggings and some awesome pants will work. Always try to pack at least one dressy outfit for those just in case times.
  • Dresses- How many you pack depends on if you are more comfortable in pants or dresses. But look for dresses that are affordable, cotton and lightweight. They won’t wrinkle in your suitcase. If you have to iron make sure to check out my tips for ironing.
  • Jewelry- The most important thing !!! Bring a simple pair of studs ( the jewelry not the guys) , a pair of statement earrings and of course some fabulous necklaces.
  • Underwear and socks- If you go commando I don’t want to know.

And of course don’t forget those fabulous accessories like a versatile hat or a scarf.

Hope you found these tips helpful and that you have a fabulous time squeezing fun into these last few days of summer.

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