Look Cute with These Homecoming Dresses

It seems just like yesterday that I was attending high school and looking forward to Homecoming. Now that I am a mom, I see my older daughters getting excited about homecoming and finding the perfect dress to make the night perfect. Now understand that my girls are not typical teenagers, they are very petite and don’t look like they are as old as they are. Most people think they are around 12 years old and are surprised to find out they are in fact 16 and 18. So when looking for dresses I found some very interesting ones at Dressv.

It is hard to find dresses that both of my girls will like and that will fit them but I think some of these cute homecoming dresses would work. My oldest daughter loves anything short. She doesn’t like long dresses because she is so tiny it is hard for find a dress that does not need hemming. Here are some of her favorites.

sexy dress

With her petite frame this dress would look good on her and would actually go lower on her then the model. And you can never go wrong with the LBD (Little Black Dress) and  this dress would rock on her. You know every girl needs a little black dress in their closet.

black dress

Now with my other daughter she likes to walk a little on the wild side so I can see her in something like this.

pink dress

The color is spot on for her. After all it is her favorite color and she loves things that are tight through her bodice. She also loves to show off her shoulders because she thinks that they are her best feature. And of course she would love this baby pink one as well.

another pink

No matter what dress they chose any of these dresses would be great for my pocketbook as they are priced reasonably and they do have a great selection of cute homecoming dresses for 2014 for every style and taste. Now I can’t wait for homecoming to come around.

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  1. I just had my daughter graduating from High School so my dress buying days are over until college graduation in 4 years. Now I just need a place to does suits for boys. Nice dresses btw.

  2. What pretty dresses! I am sure your daughters will love whichever they finally decide is the one for them. I have no children so I don’t have to worry about HS graduation parties or college home coming–but I sure remember trying to find the perfect dress for when I went—too many years ago!

  3. Super cute styles of dresses! I always gravitate towards black dresses, but I am loving that pink number.

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