Anyone want to clean carpets?



Having three daughters who like to graze when they eat. You know what I am talking about walking all around the house while they have food in their hands dropping crumbs and whatnot on the carpet. I am always looking for carpet cleaners that will actually do the job that they are supposed to. I have even gone as far as getting estimates for hardwood floors in the dining and family room. Yep the carpets are that bad. And last year when we got Allie, she did not help the problem. She had a few accidents in the house and if we did not get them quick enough they stained the carpet. I think hardwood is the way to go but I also wish that there was a cleaner like the new york carpet cleaner company. For me I would rather hire some to do the job of cleaning the carpets than to have to do myself. Being a busy mom of three, a wife, and mom to lots of fur babies I never seem to have enough time to get the carpets as clean as I would like. And getting my girls to actually clean up is like pulling teeth.

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