Having Hair Envy

having hair envy

I am always amazed when I watch tv or see someone with a beautiful head of hair and realize it is not theirs. How many times have you seen someone with an awesome haircut that you totally wanted to duplicate? You have hair envy because their hair is so thick and long that you can’t help but wonder what hair products are they using to make their hair look so amazing.

Or you have ever been in this scenario where you see someone one day, and they have short hair and a few days later they have long luxurious strands of hair. You stop and think wait what? And you even question your sanity, don’t worry you aren’t crazy. They are just wearing human hair wefts.

Not sure what they are. Well here is the definition of a weft- (in weaving) the crosswise threads on a loom over and under which other threads  are passed to make cloth. Basically, in layman’s terms, it is a form of extensions for your hair.

So hairpieces for men and women can be quite expensive, but I have found a website that offers the frugal version without sacrificing the quality even though they are under the term cheap human hair wefts people don’t have to worry about the quality of the hair.

I will admit that I have had hair envy for years and have always wanted to try extensions, however; I have never had the courage actually to get them done. I am pretty conservative when it comes to my hair. I have been wearing the same style for years, but then I think how fun it would be actually to switch it out every once in a while. It is almost like I could be someone else for a few days and I know it would totally shock my girls.

I can remember last year, when I changed my hair a little bit, they were like “Mom, that is so unlike you.” ” Really out of the box on that one, Mom.” What did I do you ask? Right before Epilepsy Awareness day and about two months after my dad passed away I had purple streaks put in my hair. But those purple streaks weren’t because I just wanted to have them in, they had a purpose and meaning behind them. Purple is the color of all cancers, and it is also the color for Epilepsy Awareness. So when I am asked why did I put Purple in my hair, I tell them it is in honor of my dad and my youngest daughter. My hair had a purpose, and it was also fun to put purple in my hair.

So tell me have you ever experimented with your hair? Color or extensions? I am still on the fence about extensions, but I know that I would love to play dress up with them one day.

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