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With crisp weather filtering into the forecast, it’s time to celebrate fall. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Let your kids exercise their imaginations and creativity with fun autumn activities. Here are five ways to help you celebrate fall.

Decorating With Pumpkins
Not all pumpkins have to be jack-o-lanterns. You can decorate with pumpkins and gourds straight from the patch or the store. Let the kids arrange small pumpkins and gourds in a large bowl or basket as a fall decoration for a table by the door in the foyer or on the dining room table. As it gets closer to Halloween, they can draw on faces or designs with markers and set them in the window. Stretch your pumpkins a little further after they’ve been used as decorations by cutting out the top and roasting the seeds for a healthy snack at home or in bag lunches.

Halloween Party
Celebrate Halloween with a party. Keep expenses low by decorating with orange and black crepe paper streamers. Run them across the ceiling, twist them around columns and frame doorways. Pick up party supplies from the discount store, such as brightly colored tablecloths, plates, cups, napkins and favors. Candy, games, music and homemade cookies will keep things festive without getting expensive.

Leaf Craft
Place a closed hand flat on a piece of construction paper. Trace around it loosely with a marker or a crayon to create a leaf shape. Draw in a long center vein and smaller veins branching out from the center to the sides of the leaf. Add a stem at the bottom. Create refrigerator art by placing the hand on different places and in different directions all over the paper. Color the leaves. To use the craft as window art, cut them out and tape them up.

Personalize Notebooks and Binders
Keeping track of notebooks and binders can be challenging for kids, especially if their teachers require everyone to have the same type. Personalize them with stickers. These can be picked up from the discount store, and come in a wide variety, from lettering to colorful and fall-themed stickers. Wider binders can be dressed up along the spine, and notebooks can be decorated on the front and back covers.

Christopher Columbus Picnic
Columbus Day is Tuesday, Oct. 14th, 2013. Celebrate with a picnic dinner after school or on the weekend before. Use brown and blue party supplies and decorations in keeping with the nautical theme of the three ships that sailed with Columbus in 1492. Turn deviled eggs into edible boats commemorating the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa MAria. Create boat sails by cutting out two 1-inch squares per egg from white paper. Glue two squares together, sliding a toothpick into the middle so that about one-third of the toothpick is covered by the paper sail. Let them dry. Put the sails into deviled eggs to make boats.

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