3 Easy Bridal Hairstyles for Every Hair Type

3 Easy Bridal Hairstyles for Every Hair Type

It’s your wedding day! Which means your locks must be flawless and camera-ready. With a few easy yet glamorous styles, you can achieve your dream look no matter your hair type. Read on for three effortless bridal hairstyles guaranteed to work for your big day.

  1. Braided Crown Updo

This intricate braided updo is as regal as it is elegant. Start by parting the hair into sections before Dutch braiding each side from the hairline to the nape of the neck. Smooth back remaining hair into a low ponytail then braid into a chignon bun shape and pin into place. Finish by gently tugging at braid edges to create width and wrap the ends into the updo.

Add hairpins and a sparkling accessory like a crystal-encrusted barrette or diamonds scattered through the braid. While this style works on all hair lengths and types, it helps to know your hair type, whether it’s fine, medium, thick, straight, or curly, so you can use the right hair products to keep styles in place.

  1. Textured Loose Waves

If you’re more of a laid-back bride, then you may want to skip sleek styles for effortless tousled waves on your wedding day. To achieve this look, after washing, apply mousse, then rough, dry hair flipping upside down. Use a one-inch curling iron to create loose waves, leaving ends slightly uncurled.

Run your fingers through the hair to break up curls, then lightly backcomb the roots. Finish with hairspray for long-lasting volume and texture. Add a simple headband, floral comb, or delicate pins to one side. Homemade hair masks with ingredients like coconut oil, avocado, and honey will boost shine and condition for a soft, touchable texture. This style suits any length from short to long and works great on thick or wavy hair.

  1. Messy Side Chignon

For an even more relaxed boho vibe, opt for a messy side chignon bun. Part hair deeply to one side, then mist sea salt spray through the lengths. Tease the roots on both sides for lift, then sweep all hair over to the deeper parted side. Twist the ends into a loose low bun shape on your shoulder and secure them into place with bobby pins. Make sure to pull out face-framing pieces in the front.

Finish by spritzing medium-hold hairspray to tame flyaways while keeping the undone look. Accent with a simple flower crown or vines wrapped through the bun. Let hair dry naturally or create bendable waves with a curling wand first. This style is great for thin, straight hair.

The Different Hair Types – Which One Are You?

There are four main hair types:

  • Straight hair – This hair type is very straight with no curl or wave pattern. It can be fine, medium, or thick in width. Straight hair tends to be shiny and reflects light well.
  • Wavy hair – This hair is mostly straight but with a slight curl or wave, usually with an S-shaped pattern. The waves are looser than curly hair. Wavy hair can be fine to thick.
  • Curly hair – Curly hair has more defined, tight curls or ringlets. The curls can range from loose spirals to very tight corkscrews. Curly hair usually has volume and bounce.
  • Coily/Kinky hair – This very curly hair type is tightly coiled or tightly curled. The coils are springy. Kinky hair often has a wiry texture.

Hair types are influenced by genetics, ancestry, hormones, and environment. Many people have a blend of different hair types. Hair can also be chemically or heat treated to temporarily or permanently change the curl pattern. Proper hair care is important for each hair type.

Rock Gorgeous Bridal Locks With Confidence

Every bride wants showstopping hair on her big day, but comfort is key to enjoying your wedding to the fullest. So make sure to test styles in advance and practice doing them yourself to find looks that are easy, quick, and feel like you. Add your own flair with accessories like sparkling pins, flowers, or headbands suited to your wedding theme and personal style.

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