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Life with teenagers is not always easy. There are always things that they see that their friends have that they want. And having two teenage girls does not make it easier. The one thing that teenagers cannot live without is their cellphones. When our oldest daughter Maddie was ready for her first cell phone we decided to do the prepaid route. We searched and searched for the right phone and plan for her. We investigated and researched each phone searching for the biggest bang for our money. Teenagers are really bad about running up the phone bills especially with their texting. I mean seriously why do they have answer a text with a simple yes or no. That practice gets my husband every time. He would tell the girls “Seriously”.

With that said we found straight talk coupon codes that would allow both Maddie and Mikaela to have a cell phone at a price that we can afford. They know that if they go over they have to earn the money to make up the difference. Whether it is by doing work that they find for themselves such as babysitting or doing chores around the house to make up for the overages they learn responsibility. No more surprise bills for overages or for going over their minutes. Now they know that they have a limit of what they can use and if they use their cell phone wisely than they will receive more minutes on their plan.

Personally as a parent, I like the options of letting them learn to manage their time and their money. This teaches them skills that they will use in life. To many times parents hand things to their children that they learn to expect things for free instead working to earn them.  I mean do they really need brand new cars and the latest gadgets and phones.

To if you are like me and have two teenagers who want a cell phone the best options would be to research and find the best fit for your child. Also do not forget to look and see if there are any coupon codes to help you save a little money. I know I am glad that I did.

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