GP: Easy Halloween-Inspired Recipes

halloween recipesThere are plenty of reasons to celebrate the fall season. The changing leaves, the crisp October air, high school football games and hot apple cider are all reasons to love fall. Perhaps the best reason, however, is Halloween.

 If you’re looking for ways to get into the spirit this year, consider trying your hand at some of the many Halloween recipes available online. Here are just a few spooky food ideas to get you started

CreepyCrawly Mud Pie

Perfect if you’re hosting a kids’ Halloween party, this dessert is both a trick and a treat. Fill plastic cups with creamy chocolate pudding mixed with gummy worms. Add some crumbled chocolate cookies to the top, and make sure a few of the gummy worms look like they’re crawling out the top. Mud filled with bugs never tasted so good!


Pumpkin Soup

October meals are an opportunity to pay homage to that most sacred of Halloween symbols, the pumpkin. You can celebrate this harvest vegetable with a pumpkin soup recipe simple enough for the kids to help with; all that’s required is a pan full of fried veg, such as potatoes, carrots, onions and of course pumpkin. Add some stock, simmer for twenty minutes and liquefy to finish.


To make the experience even more memorable for everyone, cook and serve the soup inside the carved out pumpkin. Pour your puréed soup mixture into a hollowed-out pumpkin and heat it in the oven before serving.


Devilish Eggs

Deviled eggs are a classic dinner party appetizer, so why not bring out the devil in them a bit more for Halloween? Simply slice three small triangles out of a red bell pepper to make two devil horns and a pointy beard. Place the horns and beard on each egg and voila – you have a seriously wicked snack.


Witches Fingers

As well as the usual black, pointy hats, broomsticks and bubbling cauldrons, witches are notorious for their long, bony fingers. A plate of witches fingers is a proven hit at any Halloween party. Simply roll up some simple sugar cookie dough into 5-inch tubes and add a whole almond to the end of each. The almond looks just like a fingernail, and the illusion is instantly apparent. To add to the effect, dye the dough green with food-coloring before baking.


Halloween recipes are nothing if not gimmicky, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be delicious too. What will you be cooking this October 31st?

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