Be Prepared To Survive Winter Storm

Dangers of the winter storm various in different country. In some countries like USA, the natives are well aware the regardless of where they live, they are most likely to face some type of extreme winter. The winter storm can range from a moderate snow to heavy wind driven snow. The heavy wind driven snow storms may last for several days.

stormWould you like to know how can you survive such a heavy wind storm? It is important to be prepared for the winters before it strikes. So here is the advice that can prepare you to face the situation and save your life.

Before winter storms and extreme conditions

You can prepare yourself before hand by stocking up:

  • extra food that don’t need refrigeration
  • plenty of match sticks and candles to survive the power cuts
  • rock salt or any other kind of ice melting products
  • snow showel or any other snow removing device
  • extra blankets and sleeping bags to keep you warm
  • extra and sufficient amount of fuel

You should also keep alert check on the weather forecasting and limit your travel. In case of extreme necessity, always carry disaster supply kit in your vehicle. You should also ensure that the house’s heating system and furnaces are working properly.

During winter storm/snow fall or extreme cold

  • Try to stay inside the house
  • Keep yourself dry. In case the clothes get wet change them as soon as possible to prevent loss of heat from the body.
  • Turn off the main water supply and open the taps so as to prevent the water to freeze inside the pipes and avoid the rupturing and damage to the pipes.
  • Protect yourself from frost bite and in case you feel any of the symptoms like white or pale appearance in extremities such as fingers, toes, ear lobes, and the tip of the nose, contact the doctor immediately.
  • Hypothermia or excessive lowering of the body temperature can also occur, in such case remove the wet clothes,  and use hot water bottles and warm fluids to warm up.
  • Don’t get over exhausted while shoveling the snow as it can bring out a heart attack. Snow shoveling is a heavy work and so, before shoving the snow, carry out some warming up outside and make your body temperature warmer.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated, body’s energy high and prevent dehydration.
  • Clear the roof after a heavy snow fall so as to avoid damage to your house roof.
  • Keep a check on children and elderly people. Be alert to help them to remain safe. Once you have safe, you must check that your neighbors and see if they need any kind of help. Be a helping hand to other people also.
  • In case you are stuck inside a car on road during the snow storm do not panic and wait there inside the car till the help comes. Or in case no one notices you wait for the storm to pass and then take the next step with calm and composed mind.
  • In case you are stuck outside without any shelter, search a place to hide and protect yourself.

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