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CristinHarber_SavageSecrets_1400px Caterina Cruz has no home. No loyalties. No objection to exacting torturous revenge. Her life’s mission is to destroy the terrorist who murdered her family. Then she steps into an elaborate game of charades alongside a Titan Group operative posing as an arms dealer—and her newlywed husband. The sexy distraction may be more than she can handle.
Attacked with a psychedelic drug weeks before, Rocco Savage is plagued with hallucinations that threaten his new rank as Titan’s second-in-command. No one knows and he wants to keep it that way. Throwing him further off his game, he now has a wife with her own secrets he can’t crack and an agenda he can’t control.

Their mission—an elaborate deception of heated glances and passionate kisses—spins out of control. With Rocco’s mind already compromised, can he keep his secret and his distance? And with Caterina’s tragic past controlling her every move, can she keep the con up long enough to secure her revenge? Or will both go down in flames?


My Review

I can honestly say that I loved this book. I normally do not like books like this but from the beginning I was intrigued by this book. I will tell you that this book is not for the faint of heart and there were a few times that I was little embarrassed because the scenes between Caterina and Rocco were very intense, if you get my meaning. I will also warn you that this is a scene in the book that was very graphic and I felt my stomach turn but I pushed through that scene and continued the reading. I will have to say that this scene was important to show the cruelty that Caterina goes through and how she seen realizes that revenge will not be as sweet as she thinks it will be. If you are looking for a page turner than this is the book for you.

You can buy the book here and here.

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