Love Is In The Air… Or Is It?

love is in air
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With valentine’s day on the way, love is very much in the air. Though it’s fantastic to have a day that celebrates love, Valentine’s can be difficult. For singletons, it’s another reminder they don’t have a love in their life. And for those of us in long-term relationships, it can be hard, too. When you’ve been with someone for so long, it’s hard to gain enthusiasm for the day. The butterfly stage is over, and who can be bothered to get child care anyway? If that sounds familiar, it’s time to make Valentine’s day mean something again. Even if you don’t have a chance to spend the day together, you’ll have a little time in the evening. A romantic meal can be the perfect Valentine treat. Here’s how to ensure your meal is special.

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To make the meal special, do something you wouldn’t normally. If you often eat out, have a meal in. You could make him his favorite meal. You could even light candles and scatter rose petals around if you wanted to. If you don’t often eat out, book a table in a restaurant. As it’s a special occasion, make a booking at that restaurant you’ve always avoided because it’s too expensive. Doing something out of the norm will make this meal seem like more of an event. If you go to the same old restaurant, it won’t feel special at all!


It may seem like a hassle, but it’s important you arrange child care. If you’re having a home cooked meal, see if there’s anyone who could take them for the night. It may seem easier to have your meal when the kids are in bed, but the knowledge they’re there will ruin the atmosphere. This is a chance for you and your man to enjoy each other’s company without distraction. Plus, if things go well, you won’t want the children around. In fact, see if there’s anyone can take them, even if you’re going out to a restaurant. This is a night of love, after all. Don’t hold back because there are children around!


We all know that when you’ve been with your man for a while, you stop putting so much effort into your appearance. Who has time to worry about makeup and beautiful outfits? He already loves you anyway, right? Even so, it’s nice to make an effort now and again. Stock up on makeup, like RCMA cosmetics, and a new outfit. Don’t reveal your new buys until the night!


While you eat your meal, make sure to pay attention to each other. When someone is so much part of your life, it’s easy to ignore them. Do you scroll through your phone most times you’re around your man? Make sure not to do that! Make an active effort to start a conversation. Once you get talking, you’ll remember why you fell in love in the first place!

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