When Should You Notify Your Insurance Company That An Accident Happened?


It is always important to prepare for the unexpected. We can all be involved in a car accident that was caused by someone else. Due to this, it is very important to know what your options are. In all cases, we will see insurance companies getting involved. In others, we see law firms like Khan Injury Law that need to be involved because of injuries that happen. Hopefully, you will never need to be faced with such a situation. However, you should at least be ready for dealing with insurance companies.

Many things will go through your mind after a car accident. One of them is to contact your insurance company. That is not always a good idea, though.

When Should You Contact The Insurance Company?

Generally speaking, you have to talk with your insurance provider in under 72 hours from the moment the car accident happened. This is the best time frame to file an insurance claim. The policy can contain different details about notification deadlines that have to be respected.

Are there incidents that should prompt you to notify the insurance provider? The answer to this question is quite complicated. Even so, there are some strict scenarios when you have to contact the insurer. As examples:

  • There were injuries that appeared in the accident or significant property damage Contacting the insurance carrier is a necessity even if you were not injured. It does not matter if you were at fault or not. If the accident is serious, you want to notify insurance firms.
  • Injuries appear on property that you own. You have to report such an incident when you have insurance for your property. Claims may or may not appear but insurance firms should know that this may happen.

Besides the two common scenarios, you should always think about some things when deciding whether or not to contact the insurance provider. Basically, you want to think about whether or not the claim will be filed under the insurance policy you hold or whether or not someone else will file a claim against you. In both cases, you have to contact the insurance company. The sooner you contact the company, the better the cooperation between the two of you will be.

Contacting Insurance Carriers

It does not matter who you talk to from the insurance companies. It can be the agent you know for a long time or someone else. In both situations, you want to be sure that you offer as many details as you can. You have to be focused on who was involved, those that witnessed the incident, property damage, injuries and everything else that you think is important. Always be sure that you write down the person you speak to and receive confirmation for everything that was mentioned.

While in many cases you will need to use common sense in order to make the final choice, we should realize that dealing with the insurance companies is normally something that you have to do whenever a policy may be in place.

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