Finding Dory : A Must See Movie For the Whole Family

I received passes for the prescreening in exchange for this review. All opinions are mine. 

Finding Dory 1

This past Tuesday, my friend Courtney and I took a trip to Raleigh to see Finding Dory. We arrived about 20 minutes before the movie started and I was totally impressed with how quick we were able to get into the theater. I was totally surprised as this was the first time they actually had seats tagged with my name. Normally there is just a sign that says the seats are reserved. But this time my name was on the sign. I totally admit that I took one of the signs for my memory wall. Don’t believe me, here is a picture of the sign.

reserved seat

Now onto the movie, I will admit that I am a big fan of sequels, but sometimes the sequels are not as good as the first one. But Finding Dory isn’t like that. This movie totally can stand on its own. I love that this film entertains as well as educates. I mean I never knew that an octopus had three hearts did you? I love that we finally get the back story on Dory, and the animation was fantastic. Not only do these sea creatures have a life, but they also possess some human characteristics. Like one of Dory’s schoolmates had buck teeth and another had pigtails. I had to laugh at the teacher in the movie. His name was Mr. Ray- that made me think of Maddie’s and Mikaela’s former middle school principal (that was his name!)

About Finding Dory

Just in case you have been hiding under a seashell 🙂 Here is a little bit about Finding Dory


Disney•Pixar’s “Finding Dory” reunites everyone’s favorite forgetful blue tang, Dory, with her friends Nemo and Marlin on a search for answers about her past. What can she remember? Who are her parents? And where did she learn to speak Whale? Directed by Andrew Stanton (“Finding Nemo,” “WALL•E”) and produced by Lindsey Collins (co-producer “WALL•E”), the film features the voices of Ellen DeGeneres, Albert Brooks, Ed O’Neill, Kaitlin Olson, Ty Burrell, Eugene Levy and Diane Keaton.  “Finding Dory” swims into theaters June 17, 2016

I will have to say that this movie is one that I will see again, and I would so buy this to add to my collection. Here is something a little fun to help you get ready for the movie.


Download this printable coloring sheets here.

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  1. Wow – I don’t have small kids anymore, so I didn’t know about Dory even though I have seen stuff about it everywhere. I still love Disney movies though so thanks for this review and info, Melissa, and thanks for sharing with us at #HomeMattersParty

  2. I think Dory is a movie for kids of all ages! My 19 yo & I are going to see it this weekend! Ellen Degeneras is so great & I heard the 2nd is even better than the first! #HomeMattersParty

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