Family Tops the List of My Favorite Blog Posts

AFM FamilyLooking back after posts I have written in the past I realized just how many that I have wrote. I have written 5,472 posts oops make  that 5,473. LOL I will have to say that I have enjoyed this journey of blogging and hope that I will continue to enjoy it as well. My main focus when I first started out was to bring deals but I realized the more that I wrote the more I felt drawn to do more of that. This blog has gone from being a business to taking a on a life of its own. That I love.

If I was asked what where my favorite blogs post I would have to say that the majority of my favorites would be when I write about my family. My family brings me such joy. In writing about my family, I have felt that you could get a real sense of who I am. I wrote about losing my sister {My best Friend} at a young age. Then I let you know how I felt when my mom had her first knee replacement surgery while my day was going through Chemo in A Letter to My Children.  Losing our beloved Winnie was another blow that we felt and I wrote about. Just yesterday my  middle daughter tweeted this. So we are still feeling her loss today.

AFM mik tweet

I also loved when I could profile my friends as well. I love the profiles I did on my friends Cindi in Spending A Little Time Down Home and Courtney from Isn’t She Just Darling. 

So guess if I had to pick what posts were my favorites I would say that those I felt were from the heart and the most personal are. They were also the hardest to write as well especially this one.

So now I have a question for you it doesn’t matter if you are a new fan or one that has been there from the beginning I would like to know what has been your favorite posts that you have read here. Do you like the more personal posts or just the freebies and deals?

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  1. I’m not a US resident, so the freebies and deals can’t help me much 🙂 I definitely prefer the personal posts 🙂

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