Isn’t She Just Darling??

This is the first in series about ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things

AFM CourtneySix years ago Courtney Churakos went out on a limb and started a party planning business. She did it first and foremost so that she could spend more time with her own then 6 year old darling, Matti. She also saw a need for a place that little girls could hold a party that would be less stressful on mom. From that idea, Coco Darlings was born. And as Courtney says, she wanted to offer each party goer a unique and magical experience. She loves the thrill of planning a party. And let me tell you folks, she is awesome at it. She was a huge help to me when I was planning Mikaela’s quinceanera. I knew that when I left for my hair appointment that with  Courtney  in charge that things would get done. And they were but they weren’t just done they were done beautifully. She was behind the gorgeous head table and it’s backdrop. Just look at the what she can do and this was a party that she was just helping out a friend can you imagine what she would have done if she was getting paid.

AFM Coco 1

I first met Courtney, like how most moms meet, through my youngest daughter. Gracie came home from school one day and started talking about her new friend that she has met on the school bus. Yep you guessed it that friend was Courtney’s daughter, Matti. They have been friends ever since and she is one of the coolest moms that I know.

Her business has always been amazing but just this past year it became even more amazing. You see she first started the party business as a part time business something that she could do with her daughter while starting this business she was also holding down a full time  job in the corporate world that required her to travel a lot. But within the last year she has stopped working at that corporate job and stepped out on faith to make Coco Darlings her full time business venture. I will have to say that I admire Courtney for bracing the unknown head on and making it work for her.  What was the first thing she did to help her business grow? Why she bought a building!! Yep instead of making that rent payment on her old place she decided that she would go all in and bought a former spa which gave her more space to hold those parties that she gives a personalized touch too. And those parties are incredible. Just look at some of the themes she offers. She not only does party at Coco Darlings she also does off site parties as well. And if you think they are just for little girls you are wrong. She has started to branch out to little boys as well doing Super Hero and Avengers themes as well. She also offers Coco’s touch to baby showers, Sweet 16’s , and teen parties as well as hosting tons of events throughout the year that are open to the public.

Each party is 90 minutes for 10 guests and comes with two party hosts ( they are super cool folks). The packages for these parties  are all inclusive (invitations, food, party favors and activities) . The best part is that moms and dads only have to worry about showing up for the party and bringing the birthday girl/boy. How awesome is that?

She also offers a cute little dessert spa for the kids as well. This is where they can come in and get pedicures or manicures for $12.00. Now wouldn’t that be a fun mother daughter day or father daughter day as well? Come on dads you know you want to get your nails done as well.

As the old saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words, so I have created a collage of pictures of some of the party setups so that you can see not only that you are  getting a unique party your child is getting a once in a life experience.

AFM Coco collage 1

Courtney went out on the limb. This year has been a full of trials  for her besides taking a giant leap of faith with Coco Darlings she has also had to deal with other issues as well. Those that know Courtney know what they are, but through it all she continues to be one of the most amazing, courageous and hardworking women I know. That hard work paid off when Coco Darlings was named Wayne County’s Small Business of The Year this year. So you see folks, taking that leap does pay off.

If you would do me a little favor stop by Coco Darlings Facebook Page just to say hi. And while you are there check out the photo gallery for more amazing party pictures.


This is the first in series about ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things. I am still looking for a name for this series so remember to post your suggestions on my Facebook page for a chance to win a Starbucks gift card.



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