Well bless your heart Southern Style


I remember when I was a little girl, my family used to spend part of our summer vacation with family in Massachusetts. My parents are originally from there but me I am a true southern born and bred right here in the state of North Carolina. Being the only true southerner in a family of Yankees I was teased all the time for my southern accent. Yep in my whole entire family I was the only one born south of the Mason Dixon line. With that said I always dreamed of being a southern belle like Scarlett O’Hara from gone with the wind. In fact my prom dress for my senior prom was reminisce of the green dress that she make from drapes in the movie. Being a southern belle is more of a state of mind than a style. I have a friend who is a true southern belle right down to her accent but she still wears her blue jeans she just accessorizes it with a string of pearls. So you see southern belles can wear any clothes it is all in the accessories. That strand of pearls makes her stand out in the eyes of everyone she meets. So what in your wardrobe will you be remebered for?

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