How to Fabulous Holiday Hair

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Now is the time for holiday parties- things that most people look forward to but sometimes things that we all look forward to with anticipation become our worst nightmare when of all things we end up having a bad hair day. There are sometimes I know I just want to shave my head because I am frustrated with my hair. But there is always an answer to this problem you can have fabulous holiday hair by using extensions and wigs.

My hairstyle is very simple- a blunt bob. But because I have thick hair when it gets to a certain length it has a mind of its own. And sometimes I would like to change it up as well. I long for the days when I had long curly hair but the upkeep was time consuming.

curly hair extensions

So if I wanted to have long and curly hair that I had when I was younger I could just simply put in some curly hair extensions. Not only will it allow me to change my look up but it would be easy for me to take out if I got tired of it. Besides when I had curly long hair, I would occasionally wear it down but most times it was in a ponytail anyway.

That is what is so great about extensions and wigs- you can change your hair up as many times as you would like. You could wear a different way to different events. No more some old boring hairstyles. Plus they are great to use when your hair is going through that growing out period where it never does what you want it to do. You can also change the color up if you want. The fun thing about wigs and extensions is that it will allow you to change your looks or try out new looks without making a drastic and expensive purchase or hairstyle.  Just look at this style .

christmas sales

And right now is the perfect time of year to buy because Christmas wigs deals are in full swing so you will be able to save a little money while changing your appearance as well. This will allow you to put more change in your pocket for that fabulous holiday wardrobe and have fabulous holiday hair while you are doing it.

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  1. I have naturally curly hair that I pay a small fortune to straighten. I always wear my hair down and straight.

  2. I’ve done extensions before. I donate my hair every other year and sometimes it gets really shore. It grows fairly quickly, I just get impatient sometimes.

  3. I’ve never even thought about wearing a wig! I guess because I have way too much hair on my head already – I think I might be sweltering!

  4. I have never tried hair extensions before but I always have wanted to, I love these styles!

  5. I have thought about extensions in the past. More for length than anything else because I too have very thick hair. They do look very natural.

  6. I’ve never tried wigs or hair extensions, but it seems like a great way to change up your look easily. It could be a lot of fun.

  7. I’ve never tried a wig but think it’s a great option for anyone who wants to try totally different hair!

  8. I have always wanted to try a wig. I would love to see what it’s like to have short dark hair, but I’m not brave enough to find out for real!

  9. I recently got my “down to my butt crack” length hair chopped into a long angled bob & love it! I actually style it now, which is awesome!

  10. I miss my extensions. Living in the south, the humidity has been killing my hair. With the holidays here, I really should look hot though! When I was pregnant with my first, I lived in my wigs. So much easier than doing my hair.

  11. I’ve never thought about wearing a wig, but that would be an idea! I also have thick hair, so my hair usually does have a mind of it’s own.

  12. I love wearing wigs – such a love saver for me. Plus, I am the type of person who wants to have different looks all the time

  13. My niece is obsessed with wanting some extensions right now. I’ll have to check into it for her.

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