Hot Mess Hair No More With Instyler

Disclosure:  I received a hair styling kit from Vocalpoint in exchange for this review.

It’s all about the hair not the trouble. I have a love hate relationship with my hair. Someday I love it and sometimes it is just not worth the trouble. Most of the time my hair a hot mess especially when it is at the stage it is right now. I am in need of trim badly. But not having the time or money to be able to get a trim so I have had to look for other solutions to my frizzy hot mess of a hair problem.  I use straighteners a lot but sometimes the heat from them just makes my hair a little more frizzier. If there is one thing that my hair does not like is heat.

So when I was offered the chance to try an ionic flat iron that can also be used a hot brush I thought why the heck not. So when it came in I went right to work with my hair. As I have said before my other flat iron leaves my hair a little frizzy but not this one. I was surprised that not only did it have a high low switch but also would cut off if it got too hot. That to me was big plus.

I was surprised with how easy it was to use. I will admit that I had a little trouble flip the button so that I could use it as a flat iron but that is just because I am a weakling. I have no strength in my hands. But after I got the button flipped I went to work. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy this flat iron was to work and to use. I was also very impressed with how well it worked unlike the other flat irons I have used this gave my hair a smooth finish. Just look at the before and after pictures.

Instyler Before

The side view before I went to work on it. Notice the flip in the back. Now look at it.

Instyler after side 2

So I wanted to show you a comparison picture of one side done and one side untouched can you tell in the picture below which is which.

Instyler full front

Here it is from the front. Notice how it tends to flip out. This happens when it gets way to long.

instyler another before

See what I mean when you look at it from the side is has a mind of it’s own. Now look at this side after I used the Ionic Prostyler.

Instyler side after

The Ionic Styler Pro was by far my favorite product sent by Instyler.


They also sent me to other products to try as well but since I don’t have long hair I decided to let my teenage girls as well as my preteen try out the Tulip Auto Curler and Max 2-Way Rotating Iron.

These would make great Christmas presents for the teenage girls on your list as well as for any woman who cares about her hair. And you are in luck I have an exclusive 30% discount code just for you my readers. Just use this link and enter the code SAVE30.  And say good bye to Hot Mess Hair.

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  1. My niece would love something like this. Her hair isn’t to long but it’s getting there and she will be 13 tomorrow so I know she would love to get this!

  2. I have TONS of THICK hair, so any of these products would be fantastic!

  3. My teen daughter wants something like this for her hair this Christmas. I may end up getting her this one, your hair turned out terrific.

  4. Looks like it works pretty awesome! I love simple products to help with hair problems.

  5. I’ve never had luck with products on my hair. It’s SO thick that I can’t do anything with it. It’s frizzy and gives me headaches whether I wear it up or down.

  6. I need to try these out, because your hair looks great. Mine seems to have a mind of its own sometimes.

  7. I could use something like this for those days that my hair doesn’t do what I want it to. Especially like you said…when it gets a little on the long side and I haven’t had time to get a trim.

  8. I think I need to get one of these! I love what it can do and my hair could use all the help it can get to look cute!

  9. OMG and I can’t believe I was just talking about Instyler recently! <3 Love how it looks on you !!!

  10. My hair needs a trim badly too! I haven’t used an ionic flat iron before, but I’d love to give it a try. Thanks for a great review!

  11. I love those beauty tools, I’m always looking for new ways to style my long hair.

  12. Your hair looks great. I need to try this seeing as my hair does what it wants on most days.

  13. Nice! There’s a definite difference and it always helps you feel better about yourself when it’s not a “bad hair day”!!

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