Exploring Selma’s Antique Treasures

Exploring Selma's Antique Treasures

The day we ate at Low and Slow, hubby took a backroad home. That backroad took us through the town of Selma. I was so captured by how quaint it was and how many antique shops there were that I added it to my list of adventures for this year. And on one sunny Thursday afternoon, I was able to mark exploring Selma’s antique treasures off my list.

Exploring Selma's Antique Treasures

First, let me say how impressed I was with the many murals in downtown Selma. It seemed like everywhere we turned; there was one. Here are a few of my favorites:

Exploring Selma's Antique Treasures

This was so cool. A fireman painted on the wall about to go up a real fire escape. And then there was this one

Swing in Downtown Selma

This one reminded me of the mural at Cowfish. You can check it out here.

Selma Train Mural

And then there is one that I will hope I will be able to mark off my list this year: the train mural. Even though Selma is a small town, it is also an Amtrak depot. I had plans to take a train to visit my middle daughter and stay the night, but plans changed, but it is still on my list.


Now that I have the murals out of the way, let me share about the antique shops. There were so many treasures that I wish I had unlimited money to purchase them all, but sadly that is not the case. But window shopping is always.

window selma

But I do have to tell you about two things I saw while exploring Selma’s antique treasures. These things reminded me of my childhood, and I knew I had to share them with you.

Display case

There was an antique display case with different kinds of teas in one store, Hank E, Panky Farm & Soap Shop ( are you surprised I went in there with the word farm in the name). I could tell it was probably used to sort mail back in the day. I was admiring it when my eyes landed on the words Camp Lejeune. That is such a special place to me – it was where I was born, and my dad served as a United States Marine. I have always been proud to be a daughter of a marine. Seeing that in an unexpected place brought tears to my eyes. And it also made me miss my dad a lot. I was and will always be a daddy’s girl.


The second thing you can’t make out in the picture but on top of the building, there are several pigeons. But Selma has a huge pigeon population. A pigeon landed in front of us while we were exploring, and before I could take a picture, it flew off. Memories of my summers visiting my grandparents in Massachusetts flooded back to me. My grandfather raised homing pigeons, and we spent hours with him waiting for them to return. My grandfather died when I was very young, and his pigeons were the only thing I could remember about my time with him.

old iron

When I went exploring Selma’s antique treasures, I thought I would be bringing home some unique finds. But instead, I came home with so much more memories of times I have long forgotten that I was able to pass on and share with my daughter.

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