Experiencing Santos Reyes with The Missing Link

Hey Folks,

Before I begin my post to you I have to make sure you know that mommy is working with The Missing Link to bring you this post.

The Missing Link Santos Reyes

Allie here again. I bet you are surprised to hear from me again. I had planned on writing this post a few weeks ago but somehow the time got away from me, especially with all three of my sisters home and the snow storm. Did you know that January 6 is Santos Reyes day? It signifies the journey that the three kings made to see the baby Jesus.

In Mexico, where my daddy is from, children put their shoes by the door so the three kings can leave presents in the shoes. I know I don’t have shoes- but they always leave a present for Tutu and Me and ever for the kittens.

Santos Reyes The Missing Link

Normally, Maddie, Mikaela, and Gracie get clothes. Because let’s face it nothing makes a teenage girl happier than clothes, jewelry or makeup. Think about it even though they all have a distinct style- they are actually pretty easy to give presents too.

Just like on Christmas morning, we all wake up the morning of January 6th excited to see what Santos Reyes left for us.

allie jumping for joy

I was literally jumping for joy when I saw that Tutu and I and even the kitties were left goodies from The Missing Link.  Not sure what that is? Just keep reading and you will find out more.

The Missing Link Canine Hip & Joint

The Missing Link is an awesome line of supplements for all kinds of animals. It will help us as we all are getting old. Can you believe that I will be 6 this year? Tutu and I got the supplement for joint care because that the area where we tend to have problems. The kitties got the whole feline formula.

The Missing Link Feline Formula

I am so glad that the kings made sure that all the fur babies continue to stay healthy. So tell me do you celebrate Santos Reyes or Three Kings Day?

Allie Sign Off for Post

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