Allie’s Battles with Her Daddy over Pet Rules

Hey Folks,

Allie again. I have been really missing my big sister Kata since she went off to school. But I got to see her on Monday as I drove with my mommy and daddy to go pick up Gracie because she was visiting Kata and Maddie. We totally surprised her and she was so happy to see me.

Allie goes to college (1)

I can’t believe how much has changed since I was adopted in the family. I remember when I was little my daddy didn’t want me to sleep with any of my sisters. I was supposed to be crate trained. I didn’t like that at all and I would cry all night. FInally, Daddy decided to let me sleep in one of my sisters’ rooms.  Allie 1- Daddy 0

pets roam the house

Then Daddy decided that I shouldn’t have the run of the house when everyone is gone. I was put in the Jack & Jill bathroom between Maddie’s and Gracie’s room with baby gates at both doors. Yea I ended up destroying the crown molding around the door frames. So Daddy decided to try leaving me out when they would be gone for a short time. Guess who has the run of the house now? Yep, Allie 2- Daddy 0.

Pets on Furniture

And let’s not even talk about the furniture. I don’t know how many times Daddy would yell at me to get off the furniture. He always says “Allie, get down.” But my sisters always wanted to cuddle with me so guess who has the run of the furniture now. Yep, Allie 3 – Daddy Still 0.

I am currently working on getting Daddy to share his blanket with me, but so far he isn’t going for it. But if things work out like they have in the past, you know who is going to win that battle.

Because I am spoiled rotten I get away with everything. And that is the way I like it. I mean even today I  am getting a spa day at Mrs. April’s when daddy cuts his own hair. So tell me what battles have you had with your furbabies?

Allie Sign Off for Post

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  1. This is hilarious. No fur babies here as I have been warned by friends who have them of stories likes this. We’ll stick to stuffed animals and goldfish as pets for now. Allie’s face is so adorable ..who could tell her No?!

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