An Evening in Paris – Things you should consider doing

An Evening in Paris – Things you should consider doing from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

The city of lights, as it is known comes alive at night and a tour of the city in the evenings is something one shouldn’t miss. Whether you arrive by flight or train into the city, settle down quickly and be off to your evening tour of Paris. Also, using some of the best cabs company in Paris, like T2 Transfer Paris, will surely help you roam around in the city safely. Or, if you are on a business trip and are free only by evening, worry not – there are plenty of organized evening tours that you can join or if you like to be on your own, you can do it by yourself too. Just make sure that you have picked up one of those handy city maps that are available at the many tourist offices or even at the metro stations.

River Cruise

Most of the organized tours start off with an evening cruise on the river Seine. There is no better way to catch a glimpse of the city’s significant sites than on a cruise. However, do be prepared to brace the cool winds of the evening. Make sure that you have a seat on the upper deck to get the best views. As the city lights up, you get to see the Notre Dame, the Louvre Museum, and some fascinating bridges across the river as the boat slowly cruises by. Most cruises will end around or near the Eiffel Tower and you could take a brisk walk down to take a ride up the Eiffel Tower and experience the city’s famous landmark. However, if you are in Paris around the summer months, it would be good to wait for it to get dark and the city to light up before you take the elevator up to the Eiffel Tower. If it’s too early for the Eiffel Tower, you could head to the Moulin Rouge and if lucky, catch a show there.

The Eiffel Tower

There is nothing that the world doesn’t know about the Eiffel Tower by now. Of course, this is one significant sight that one shouldn’t miss, at least if you are on your first trip to the city. Having said that, be aware that the queues for tickets are notoriously long and it is advisable to get your tickets online beforehand. This would help you skip the ticket lines and save you some precious time. You could take the elevator to the top, but suffice it to say that you need not go that far. The views from the second floor are amazing enough and you get to see mesmerizing views of the city, with lights glittering in all directions and their reflections on the river Seine.


If it is not a Thursday, you could still visit some museums. The Le Louvre stays open till 9:45 pm on Wednesdays and Fridays while if you like contemporary art, you can head to the Palais de Tokyo that stays open until midnight, except on Tuesdays. The Beaubourg, located around Le Marais is also open till 9 pm and has a great collection of 20th-century art.

The Offbeat

Since it’s evening, most stores and museums would have closed. And, if you are the one who wouldn’t want to do the conventional, then head to the areas in Paris that people say never fall asleep. You can roam around Le Marais, where you could experience the hip-hop or take a lazy stroll around Saint Germain des Prés, the old historic quarter. This part of the city is lined with cobblestoned streets and is filled with bars, restaurants, clubs, boutiques, and churches.

Eating Out

The localities around the Le Marais and Saint Germain has a wide array of fine dining options. You could head to Le Dome Du Marais that’s also known for its majestic dome that dates back to the 19th century. You could try traditional dishes or even modern French cuisine. The place is quite popular, and it is advisable to make reservations in advance. The other place that you could head to is the La Cuisine De Philippe, located at 25 rue Servandoni, in Saint Germain. This place too serves traditional French cuisine.

Some of the best bars around these localities are the Caveau De La Huchette, located right next to the Notre Dame. The place used to be a prison and has been nicely converted to one of the best places to be. Andy Wahloo, another amazing bar offers nice cocktails and fresh mint tea. If you are there in summer, request for a seat on their beautiful terrace.

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