4 of the Best European Destinations for Family Friendly Holiday

4 of the Best European Destinations for Family Friendly Holiday from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Europe is one of the go-to destinations for many holiday tourists. However, not all destinations in Europe are family friendly holiday worthy. This is why, in this article, we are going to go over four family-friendly destinations that will help you make good memories with all the members of your family.


Among the many places in the world that combines nature and history, Ireland is one of the most beautiful areas for a vacation with your family. The abundance of cliffs and hills, castles, pubs, and castles here can give you a whole new perspective on vacation, and you can expect exceptional service around these parts, especially in Dublin.  You can even book your lodging in an actual castle, which can surely be a treat for the youngins. Irish people are also known to be accommodating and hospitable, and the little language barrier paves the way for better communication and experience.

You can go driving towards Dublin, where the center of activity is, or you can hire a touring driver so they can bring you to the best places your budget and your schedule can allow. These guides are also very knowledgeable of the stories behind every place. They can make for good companions as well.


Croatia is known for its beautiful beaches and its numerous museums, but when you’re with your kids, the challenge of the travel can mean more energy, and more sights to see. You can bring your family for a drive along the boulevard and enjoy a private relaxing Croatian family vacation around the coasts of Dalmatia during the summer months. While you’re at it, you can go island hopping and discover secluded delicate sanded coves and bays.

The country also has the Split aquarium that can enchant both children and adults, or you can keep it fun by heading next to the Istralandia water park in Novigrad. For a sunnier over-the-sea experience, your family can also go rafting or sailing, which is a treat for all the water lovers out there.


Norway is one of the most underrated but stunningly enchanting places in the world, which began rising to prominence after Disney’s Frozen was premiered. Indeed, the friendly atmosphere of this country made it known alongside the plentiful of farms, natural wonders, and enthralling landscapes. The family might even spend most of the time, admiring their surroundings.

Children would love a vacation in places that can let them pet the deers, sheep, porpoises, and seals, and a road trip wouldn’t be boring either, with all the captivating sceneries of both the city and the country. Go over the various towns including Oslo, Bergen and the Fjords, and you won’t have to worry because the people are eager to help and assist whenever you need it.


France is indeed a popular destination for a vacation, especially Paris, but there’s more to the country than just the Eiffel Tower. French architecture and urban landscapes are sights to behold, but the great outdoors offers so much fun and beauty. Your family vacation here can go from cultural immersion, then adventure parks, castle and cave tours, to the thrilling snowy mountain adventures. 

For a great and unique experience, you can take your family for some an activity adventure in the Alps and cycle by the numerous beautiful destinations that include small towns, lakes and magnificent views that will remain etched in your mind for a long time.

With all that being said, you must do enough research according to what your family prefers doing and what their idea of fun is. Besides, the world is a prominent place full of locations for travel-lovers like you, and we hope this list gave you the insight you need to consider these places for your next holiday.

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