Berlin for Kids!

Berlin is one of Europe’s most unique cultural capitals, and is becoming more and more popular with expats who flock here for the art, music, and important historical sites including the remnants of the Berlin Wall —a monument that now stands against division. Berlin is a fine city for anyone to visit, but it can be especially fun and rewarding to see with kids. Here are six activities that both you and your family will enjoy in the German capital on your Berlin breaks.

1. Explore by bicycle

One of the best, most interactive ways to explore Berlin is by bicycle, and the relatively small city can be crossed from East to West on bicycle within about 30 minutes. The city has plenty of stations where you can lock up your bike and go on by foot, as well as multiple shops that do rentals by hour or by day.


2. Learn about the Ampelmann

Any kid or person with a little light-heartedness will enjoy the Berlin traffic lights and their walking symbol, the Ampelmann, which literally translates to traffic light man. This hatted man is a symbol of the city. You’ll find lots of gift shops with fun Ampelmann souvenirs.

3. Explore Museum Island

Sitting on an island in the Spree River, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to six separate museums, including The Altes Museum, The Neues Museum, The Alte Nationalgalerie, The Bode Museum, and The Pergamon Museum. Each houses its own singular relics, from the Ishtar Gate of Babylon and Egyptian art, to local German relics and paintings.

4. Visit the Reichstag

Though it was heavily damaged during World War Two, the Reichstag Parliament building has been renovated and provides a stunning mix of traditional and modern architecture, including a main glass dome that can be explored via circular walkways that provide 360-degree views of the surrounding city and the sky overhead.

5. Learn about the Berlin Wall

Visiting the Berlin Wall is the perfect way to not only get a sense of what it meant for a city and country to be divided, but also give parents the opportunity to explain important historical and cultural information to their kids. While there are smaller portions of wall throughout the city, the best place to visit for a true experience is the East Side Gallery.

6. Charlottenburg Palace

The largest palace in Berlin, the Charlottenburg was built in the late 17thcentury in the Baroque and Rococo style, and is filled with exotic decorations from around the world. The palace’s garden and wood are a wonderful place to visit and explore with kids.

berlin palace

Whether it’s your first trip to Berlin or not, experiencing the city with your family will always bring you a whole new appreciation for this lovely German city.

Images by timtoolman and Leandro’s World Tour, used under Creative Commons license.

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