Easy Appetizers for Your New Year Eve’s Party

AFM Easy Appetizers

The other day I wrote about Frugal New Year’s Eve Party Must Haves, today I am going to tackle what you need to have on hand to serve for those impromptu gatherings. Here are some easy appetizers to serve to your guests. First don’t be afraid to serve store-bought food. Nobody cares if you spent hours slaving over a hot stove or all day baking in the kitchen. With all the unique party foods that can be picked up at your local grocery store, hosting a party should not be stressful. Try serving crackers with quick and easy dip ( that you can whip up in minutes.) Also, check out the basic pizza dough that is already made and try unique combinations for flatbread. Think of the yummy combinations that you can make and go a little crazy. Instead looking at all your appetizers to have the wow factor just look for one appetizer that will make people beg you for the recipe and keep the others simple.

Even the simplest of food can look fabulous if you put some thought into how you present it to your guests. Think of some unique and incredible ways that you can serve those yummy appetizers. I love this idea because that is when my creativity takes over.

So if you are planning a party in the future think simple and less stress and go for that one WOW food and for the others let the grocery store do all the work. Tomorrow I am going to share with you some time-saving shortcuts for easy entertaining.

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